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Neil Marshall Is Writing and Directing ‘Troll Hunter’!

Horror fav Neil Marshall (Centurion, The Descent, Doomsday, Dog Soldiers) has been set to direct Troll Hunter, the remake of the Norwegian film that IMG Global is financing, Deadline reports.

The Marc Haimes-scripted film is gearing toward an early 2014 production start, while there’s still snow on the ground in the locations where they will shoot.

Explains the site, this means that Marshall starts work on the $25 million film as soon as he returns from Ireland, where he is shooting next season’s biggest episode of HBO’s “Game Of Thrones.”

Marshall will do a director’s pass on the script by Haimes, who recently sold an untitled pitch to Paramount with Mary Parent producing.

The André Øvredal-directed 2010 Norwegian original Trollhunter, which we reviewed here, focused on a group of students investigating a series of mysterious bear killings. They follow a mysterious hunter into the deep woods, learning along the way that he is a troll hunter, and that the creatures killing those bears might not confine their appetites to that species only.




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