Trailer For ‘Collector’ and ‘Collection’ Star’s Found-Footage ‘The Hunted’

  • divisionbell

    I have to say I’ve really liked Josh Stewart so far. Curious to see how this one goes.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    Not really a fan of found footage films but I liked the Collector so maybe I’ll watch this.

  • djblack1313

    Josh Stewart is awesome (and very hot too!). i’ll be checking this movie out definitely! :)

  • Belladonna

    love him! ill be checking the movie out too. liked him in dirt wish they didnt cancel that show :/

  • HorrorNoir

    Like all found footage films, I will approach this will caution and try not to get too excited about it. The good found footage films, Paranormal Activity, The Conspiracy, and VHS, have been pleasant surprises because I’ve been trained to not expect much out of the genre.

    I didn’t like the Collector films but thought that Josh Stewart was by far the best part. I’ll check this out when it comes on VOD.

  • diapers

    We’ll see how he does as director/actor. Trolled IMDB to see if he ever directed before, noticed he is credited for actor in season 1 episode 4 of The Walking Dead. Does his standalone TWD webisode story line dovetail in with the prison? That would be cool.

  • mobstar67

    i like Josh Stewart but am kind of burnt out on the found footage format…hopefully this film will bring something new to the table in this genre..