[Fantastic Fest ’13 Review] ‘The Green Inferno’ Reflects Grimy Cannibal Movies

  • Golic

    ok, so…now this is the second review for a film I have yet to see a trailer for…is a trailer coming soon? or…

  • Blood-Sicles

    Also caught this at Fantastic Fest and definitely agree with the review. I didn’t not enjoy it, but the cheap-ass digital cinematography (looks more like GoPro footage than what I’m guessing is Canon 5D), the sloppy acting, and the total lack of polish turned me off. I will say seeing the villagers act like tearing people apart is totally normal really bothered me. I have no clue how this will fare in theaters- looked like a solid VOD release at best.

  • romeostruedude

    This statement alone questions should I trust this reviewer:

    I can appreciate how sleazy and filthy Deodato made me feel after watching Cannibal Holocaustbut, but I don’t think I’d actually call the film “good”.

    Seriously? The person already went in with a low appreciation of the film and didn’t care for Cannibal like films (does this include zombies too?). This review sounded whiny and not very trust worthy. I LOVE negative reviews that actually pin point what is wrong and what is the best way to ENJOY what’s wrong with it, like a true professional critic. This wasn’t professional at all. Just very biased.

    • K-Dogg

      Totally agree romeo, I have read 3 very positive reviews that say Eli Roth has made his best film with this one, so I will see this without a doubt.

    • divisionbell

      I agree. This reviewer wasnt going to like this one no matter what.

      And Deodato’s cannibal holocaust was actually an extremely well done film which was way more intelligent and carefully made than one would think. Can’t wait to see this one.

  • joe666

    If you didn’t liked the best cannibal movie ever made (cannibal holocaust), why the hell did you bother giving us a review of TGI. Your opinion is obviously biased, and so, irrelevant.

  • Infectedbydevils

    Yeah, their choice for using this reviewer was clearly a poor one. Also, I dunno about Eli’s ability as a director, I enjoy his movies, but I will say this “Wolfman” guy’s ability to write an engaging film review is, well, non-existent. About half-way through his dull writing I found myself falling asleep.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    alright, cut the guy some slack. he went to the fest and saw a movie that he knew he probably wasn’t gonna care for but saw it anyway because it’s a horror movie and he (most likely) had to so he could review it. i’ve never really been interested in those raw-style cannibal movies either. i dont think i’ve seen a single “true cannibal movie” like cannibal holocaust. the only “cannibal” movies i’ve seen are the Wrong Turn movies (which i love btw), the hills have eyes etc. sounds like this is a movie i’ll wait to see on netflix.

  • djblack1313

    i actually enjoyed reading this review. Wolfman (it seems) feels the same way about cannibal movies that i do. i don’t really like them but i DO kinda want to see this movie. so he IS speaking for people like myself.

    • Infectedbydevils

      So, he writing it for people with poor capitalization, punctuation, and vocabularies? Fair enough.

    • Infectedbydevils

      So, he’s writing it for people with poor capitalization, punctuation, and vocabularies? Fair enough.

      • djblack1313

        awww poor little Infectedbydevils. butthurt because someone doesn’t love this movie? let me guess, you must really be Eli Roth himself.

        and it’s hilarious & telling when the only thing you have to back up your troll attempt is to become the grammar police. LOL. don’t worry wee one. when you grow up and get out of mom’s basement you’ll learn that you and your opinions aren’t the be all, end all. we’re rooting for you. :)

      • diapers

        I think you meant to say “he’s”, and “vocabulary”. Nice work. When you try and call someone out for bad vocab you should proofread, ya dumbfuck.

        • djblack1313

          diapers, LOL!! exactly! :)

          Infectedbydevils, care to make a statement?

          • Infectedbydevils

            Not really, I made a typo. You legit don’t know how to capitalize the beginning of a sentence. What statement shall I make?

          • djblack1313

            Infectedbydevils, no my friend. you didn’t make a “typo”. LOL. also the word would be “legitimately” not “legit”!!!! LOL.

            keep ’em coming little one. you keep embarrassing yourself! LOL.

  • mountain twin

    Talk about cannibals. Yeesh. (good one diaps)

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    It has to be better than Aftershock. That movie fucking sucked.
    I really enjoyed Cannibal Holocaust and I’ll probably see this if it’s in that same grimy 70’s style.

  • iain

    “[The characters] are shallow, naive, self-centered and ignorant” Yep, that’s invariably the case when a scriptwriter works in the style of Guillermo-let’s get-this-script-churned-out-as-fast-as-we-can-Amoedo.

    Why Cannibal Holocaust is so championed by Tarantino and Roth I don’t understand – they seem to think that torturing and slaughtering living, breathing, terrified animals for the fun of it makes for a groovy movie. But of course, one reason fanboys support extreme onscreen violence/gore/evisceration is to test their own tolerance levels. As people age – as we grow up – as the formation of the developing brain’s frontal lobes is finally complete (which usually takes place in a person’s mid-20s), as life experiences teach us what *real* agony and fear and horror are like, we grow out of life-hating dreck like Hostel and Aftershock. Hostel, incidentally, seriously pulled its psychosexual punches and traded in clichéd homosexual stereotyping, while at the same time literally keeping the boys’ pants on during the torture sequences, a major cop-out by Roth who was unwilling to risk an NC-17. Which brings me to the dismaying, even troubling, point you raise in your excellent review, Wolfman.

    Same-gender Marriage Equality is swiftly becoming legal across the entire United States, as it is in the UK and much of Europe, and it is supported by a huge majority of 18-29 year-olds, who in my experience simply are not homophobic in their day-to-day lives. But Roth thinks they are. And Roth is sadly unaware that professional gay sportsmen and women are coming out, that the US military has eliminated its institutionalized hostility to lesbian and gay people in the armed forces, that gay men and women are responsible for countless acts of bravery, courage and strength every single day in combat zones. To use ‘that’s so gay’ as a pejorative doesn’t tell us anything about a character’s mind, emotions or motivations. It does, however, reek of lazy writing.

    And shame on any young actor who thinks that’s authentic dialog spoken by authentic people. Eli Roth’s genre output is threadbare and tired; his willingness to gay-bait, his notion that all relationships are at core heteronormative, reveal his vision of society to be regressive, reactionary, and increasingly irrelevant.

    • Rick Moore

      OMG, it’s a horror flick, will you please stop fucking whining, you’re gay, we get it. Take your soap box, PC, whiney ass, rhetoric to a website where it is actually being discussed. I just want to know if the fucking movie is good, not your geopolitical stance on issues.

  • http://www.cosanostranews.com Ed Scarpo

    Cannibal Holocaust is more than a “grimy cannibal” film. It’s a classic, an innovative film that used the “found footage” conceit long before Blair Witch or other films inaccurately labeled as the original found footage film. Frankly I’m tired of Roth and his cleverness. But also envious of his success, I have to admit. Bottom line most of the grindhouse flix Roth and his pal QT watch are horrible, literally unwatchable, though there is the odd masterpiece (like Cannibal Holocaust). How they’ve gotten where they are using what is frankly shitty third rate garbage for inspiration will forever mystify me. Another thing about Green Inferno: This film isn’t even available for consumption and it’s gotten dozens and dozens of reviews (probably hundreds), yet there are excellent horror films available right now that get no reviews, no one is aware of them etc. And Roth and QT are the hero of the Indy world …..no, I’m not a filmmaker and have no financial interests in any. I’m simply a member of a potential audience waiting for a film worth its running time.