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[TV] Say Goodbye To The Cast Of “Dexter”, What Did You Think Of Finale?

Last night “Dexter” came to an end – forever – with its final episode “Remember The Monsters.” I had tried to get back into the show a few years ago, but it just kept losing me. And while I hadn’t watched any of the eighth and final season (I had heard that it was too bad for words) I was still shocked when I read the recaps of last night’s episode (yes, I spoiled myself on purpose).

Shocked how? By how unsatisfying it all seems. That’s not a review, perhaps when I get around to watching the final season (if I ever do) I’ll end up liking it. But for right now it just seems like a perfect storm of weird, wrongheaded decisions.

Anyway, here’s a video of the cast’s parting comments on the show. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you saw last night’s conclusion, what are your thoughts?




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