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[TV] Say Goodbye To The Cast Of “Dexter”, What Did You Think Of Finale?

Last night “Dexter” came to an end – forever – with its final episode “Remember The Monsters.” I had tried to get back into the show a few years ago, but it just kept losing me. And while I hadn’t watched any of the eighth and final season (I had heard that it was too bad for words) I was still shocked when I read the recaps of last night’s episode (yes, I spoiled myself on purpose).

Shocked how? By how unsatisfying it all seems. That’s not a review, perhaps when I get around to watching the final season (if I ever do) I’ll end up liking it. But for right now it just seems like a perfect storm of weird, wrongheaded decisions.

Anyway, here’s a video of the cast’s parting comments on the show. I’m assuming that if you’re reading this you saw last night’s conclusion, what are your thoughts?



  • HorrorFancy

    The finale did not impress me much; felt thrown together.

  • haruspex

    The entire season sucked and the ending kept that tradition although it’s odd that the person who writes the article on it admits to not seeing it.

  • Incinerated

    Better than the rest of the season. I appreciated the final final scene, although the impetus for that, even as this psychopath with a degree of empathy, felt wrong.

    I always imagined the show ending big with a large scale impact on the Dexter universe. But they did, and undid, all those tense and huge plotlines in earlier shows of the season (Knew that would be a problem). So, the small scale personal plotline of the final season is a bit underwhelming.

  • ChasingTheGhost

    Worst season ever. The finale was just as bad.

  • wildgator25

    I wasn’t as pissed at this season or the finale as other people are. I was quite bothered at how Dexter could just walk away from his son like that, but that’s coming from some personal issues myself. Dexter wasn’t really there for Harrison anyways, so I guess no biggie for the writers on that front.

    I will miss hearing the intro and outro music. Very creepy music that will always take me back to the good ol’ Dexter days!

    I couldn’t quite make out Dexter as the Lumberjack to begin with. I kept expecting someone to come out of nowhere with a hypodermic to the neck! And then, when they showed that it was indeed Dexter, I said “Yep! They are leaving it open for a spin-off, that’s for sure.”

  • hardcorehavok

    I jumped onto the show after watching the first three seasons on Netflix which was great because I got to see season 4 (the best season) live. But from there, the series never recovered. I don’t think it was bad. Although, it had plenty of bad moments. But I thought that the finale was great… until the final scene. It took the entire scene on the boat for me to accept what was about to happen. Then, the “final” scene at the cafe had me thinking “Holy shit! They’re gonna do a Dark Knight Rises!” Cut to black. Great finale. Then, the final final scene. WTF?!? Really? Why?!?

  • lolcat

    The final episode was no worse than the final season, but I was surprised that the writers seemed content to give the audience the bare minimum. It’s as if they threw up their hands. I expected the appearance of Evelyn Vogel to pull the plot back to Dexter’s issues. That doesn’t really happen and the story branches off into these other dead-ended tangents.

    None of the storylines had any time to build up tension over the course of twelve episodes. The revenge of the ex-patient storyline got nixed when Dexter kills him. The mentoring a young psycho storyline ended with Zach’s death. The black widow Hannah McKay storyline fizzles out when she kills her latest husband– which should alarm Dexter or the audience, but doesn’t. Then Dr. Vogel dies without ever having really made much of an impact. So by the time we get to the big finale, we’re left with Dexter fighting an antagonist who only emerged– through an awkward plot contrivance– a few episodes ago.

    The sole plotline that built up to finale-worthy resolution was Dexter’s relationship with his sister (a character I grew to loathe). They killed Deb off in the lamest way possible, tried to reverse-engineer some pathos into the story with that soupy flashback, and then Dexter’s final kill consists of stabbing an unarmed villain in the neck with a pen (????)

    Dexter never spent any time with his son, anyway, so it’s no big surprise when he dumps him on Hannah, who tends to poison people she finds burdensome, and stages his own death. None of the other characters had any compelling storylines to conclude, which simplified matters for the writers.

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