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Take-Two Takes On ‘Manhunt 3’ Petition Site

Now this is interesting. Take-Two, the house of Grand Theft Auto as well as the short-lived and highly controversial stealth horror series Manhunt has filed a dispute over the domain name

The domain was used as a fake snuff site to promote the Manhunt series. Since the series has been dead for some time, a fan decided to take the domain and use it as a petition to get Manhunt 3. Now, Take-Two wants it back.

Why would the publisher go after a domain that no longer serves a purpose and hasn’t been used in years?

I’d like to think it’s because the series will see its tenth anniversary on November 18, and Take-Two wants to use that special date to announce Manhunt 3.

Though, realistically, I really don’t see that happening.

What about you — would you like to see another Manhunt game, even though there’s really no chance it’ll come from Rockstar?

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  • weresmurf

    “What about you — would you like to see another Manhunt game, even though there’s really no chance it’ll come from Rockstar?”

    Sorry Adam but did you play GTA V yet? There’s a mission where you literally torture someone. Gator clips, pliers, pulling out a tooth, beating their knee in with a pipe wrench… it’s all there and it’s brutal as hell.

    Plus, when you play other games that have come out such as the SAW games in recent years, Manhunts actually pretty tame now in comparison.

    People said for a while there was no way we’d get Max Payne 3, then look what happened? I’ll put money in it we’ll get Manhunt 3, after all, Manhunt 1 and 2 were in the GTA continuiity with the mentioning of Carcer City and a few of the GTA characters such as a mayor were mentioned in sound bites in Manhunt 1 and 2.


    I would be psyched if the next Manhunt were to come from anyone other than Rockstar. In my opinion, they focus too much energy on making a game garner bad publicity. Another company might take the series in a good direction. I personally hate Rockstar games, as the entire GTA series is an insult to females in gaming. Anyway, I hope they decide to make another one. Thanks for the article, Adam! 🙂

  • mad_hatter

    Another Manhunt would be awesome. I recently downloaded the original Manhunt from PSN; it reminded me that it was probably my favourite game on PS2!

  • TheGeckoNinja

    i would like another manhunt game IF cash is back 😀

  • Pav

    Manhunt 3, that could be something…

  • sweetooth

    Bring on Manhunt 3!!!

    Manhunt was one of my favorite games from the PS2/Xbox generation. Sadly I never played Manhunt 2 and the whole censorship thing really turned me off of it. Censoring the best part of manhunt (the gruesome kills) makes it pretty much pointless.

    Hopefully if they do make a Manhunt 3 they go all the way and aim for the Adults Only rating (the one above M nobody wants to touch with a ten foot pole).

  • Behzad Arif

    i would always like to see a manhunt 3 because i played the first two games and they were great.Manhunt 1 was a lot greater than manhunt 2 but i don’t see a manhunt 3 coming to the retailers because if the company even announces another sequel,they will bring down the ban hammer.After the UK incident in 2004 it was difficult to release manhunt 2 but the company did it with censorship.If manhunt 3 comes out in today’s graphics it would be too brutal and real to be on the verge of a release.However i say that there should be another game for the people who appreciate the company’s efforts on that franchise and it should have 18+ rating as well.

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