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Eleven Drunk Guys Play ‘Outlast’, Hilarity Ensues

If you haven’t experienced the terrifying hide-and-seek indie horror game that is Outlast, you should get on that. It’s essentially a 6-7 hour-long adrenaline rush, complete with more gore and viscera than I’ve ever seen in a video game. We’re playing it all this week and the next on the Bloody Disgusting YouTube channel, but you know what our playthroughs lack? Drunken commentary.

Thankfully, the following Outlast playthrough, narrated by eleven toasted men looks to have plenty of that. It’s hilarious.

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  • ThunderDragoon

    XD That was hilarious.

  • katshot

    +1 to sir ThunderDragoon

  • joesey

    omg rofl! those guys just made it worse lol

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