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[TV] Did “Dexter” Writers Foreshadow Finale In Third Season?!

Yes, it’s Thursday and we’re still talking about Showtime’s “Dexter” finale – I spent eight years of my life watching the show, I think a week of conversation is a small price to pay!

Something interesting is making the rounds this Thursday morning, as apparently the writers of Showtime’s “Dexter” may have snuck in a bit of finale foreshadowing all the way back in season 3.

The below clip comes from Episode 3.07, “Easy as Pie,” which aired back on November 9, 2008. In the episode, Dexter (Michael C. Hall) is asked to do the unthinkable for an old friend, which parallels the decision Dexter must make in the finale when Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) is left in a coma. The question is, what came first, the chick or the egg? Did the writers take note of this and use it as fuel, or was it deliberately placed there? Whatever the case, it’s cool.




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