New Images, Poster, Trailer For Filmax’s ‘The Returned’

  • djblack1313

    i was wondering what happened to this movie. it looks really good.

    p.s. when i tried to play the trailer it wasn’t working.

    • djblack1313

      oops nevermind the trailer works fine.

      one other thing, at first i thought this was a part of “Les revenants” (The Returned) but it’s not. still looks really good though!

  • Golic

    I honestly don’t get the whole zombie craze. Horror fans will bitch and bitch and bitch about how Hollywood never does anything original, and how everything’s a remake; yet, it’s pretty hard to tell one zombie flick from another most of the time…lets be honest, you might as well call the grand majority of them “remakes”.

  • Cirulian

    Although the word zombie is used in the movie, this is not a typical zombie film nor are the people really technically zombies. There is a virus that if allowed to run it’s course in a person turns them into raging mindless cannibals, but they are never dead and then reanimated. I can’t really think of another film that had such a premise. Those infected, really, are just allegory for anyone that has a contagious disease that if left untreated could result in death.

    I saw this movie when it screened in Sudbury. I really liked it. And when it gets released I plan on seeing it again.