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6 Indie Horror Games You Need To Play! Vol. 3

I play a lot of indie horror games on our YouTube channel — someone said I play too many, but I can’t my mom desperate pleading for me to get a job because I’m playing more indie horror games. It’s all about getting that volume cranked up real high. I think you should play these games too, and that’s why I’ve made it my monthly goal to point out six of the best indie horror games I’ve recently come across.

In case you missed my previous months’ selections, you can find them here, here and here. All caught up? Good.

After the break you’ll find six more indie horror games you need to play!


I feel like I’ve been hyping the shit out of this game, but it’s only because it’s amazing and a must-play for any horror fan. Some players might be turned off by the abundance of jump scares, but that’s only the surface. This game goes from cheap scares to psychologically scarring real quick, and when it does, it’s like getting punched in the face. Also, the guy that’s punching you has no neck, wears chain boots and since he’s been stuck in a padded room for who knows how long, all he’s done is bulk up, just for you.

Montague’s Mount

Montague’s Mount actually isn’t out yet — it won’t come to Steam until October 9th — but I had the chance to play it a little earlier than that, and while the build I was given did have a couple unfortunate bugs (that will almost definitely be remedied in the full game), it’s still a fantastically creepy game. It follows a smoker who wakes up alone on an island after his ship wrecks. The music is incredible, haunting and might be my favorite thing about it. Get a taste of what it offers above.

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