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Trailer For Claustrophobic Suspense Thriller ‘Last Passanger’ Explodes Online

After being reported on two years ago, Last Passenger is completed and has a trailer.

It’s described as a claustrophobic suspense thriller in the Hitchcockian-Spielberg tradition of the everyday man thrust into an extraordinary situation.

Dougray Scott, Lindsay Duncan, and David Schofield all star.

It opens October 18 in the UK. Thanks to Fabien M. for the heads up.

Overworked doctor and devoted single dad Lewis Shaler (Dougray Scott) is heading home on the last train from London with his young son Max for the Christmas holidays.

Unexpectedly the train speeds through one station and then another, with flashing level crossings a fleeting blur. Discovering that the brakes have been sabotaged by a vengeful sociopath determined to cause widespread havoc, Lewis, Max and the remaining passengers face the ultimate challenge of survival.

A suspense-filled trip in the tradition of Runaway Train, Unstoppable and Die Hard, Last Passenger is a track-hugging thrill-ride through a cavernous night of twists, turns and explosive action.



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