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‘Neverending Nightmares’ Successfully Reaches Funding Goal

Developer Matt Gilgenbach’s indie horror game Neverending Nightmares successfully surpassed its $99,000 funding goal only a few hours before the campaign’s deadline. It’s inspired by Gilgenbach’s struggle with mental illness and after spending some time with it I’m very much looking forward to the full release. Between its simplistic, black and white world and plenty of disturbing imagry, this is a game to watch.

The game will come to the Ouya next year followed by PC, Mac and Linux soon after.

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  • sabrinag

    hi. Thats a really and weird game, looks likes for a 11 year child?( in my opinion) think about this my cat looked at me when that old lady apeared just for 2 secs with a sarcastic face “oohh soo scary” haha but its a different point of view, i cant deny that.

    PD: adam i love ur voice! but davids comments are unforgettable in all the videos .. seee yaa

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