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[Remember This?] That Embarrassing Time Busta Rhymes Met Michael Myers

On Friday I published my personal rankings of several horror franchises, and I was just as shocked as the rest of you when the Halloween series fell into 4th place. I had intended to rank it higher at the outset – after all, the original film is the best slasher of all time – but all of the sequels I just couldn’t squeeze any enjoyment from kept getting in the way and bogging it down in the rankings.

Like I said before 2 is good and Season Of The Witch is really good (with The Return Of Michael Myers being okay as well) but after that it’s just a melange of boredom for me. And while I’d say “embarrassing” is actually a step up from “boredom” in the sense that you’re actually engaging with the material in some manner, they’re never a good combo.

Take this moment from Halloween: Resurrection. When you’re coming off an apathetic run in the series (despite the relatively good reception of its predecessor, H20) it’s probably not a good move to snap your audience out of their collective coma so they can pay attention to a moment as hamfisted as this one. It’s not the fact that Busta Rhymes is in the movie that’s embarrassing, it’s the fact that we have to sit through a nightmare 75 seconds of dialogue so hackneyed and cliched it almost plays like a rejected Scary Movie 5 joke. The second clip isn’t much better but I’ve included it so you can get a sense of closure.

I can’t wait until this series regains its footing. What’s your most embarrassing franchise moment?



  • lupe

    I watched this mess in theaters. Throughout the movie i clung to the idea of Laurie surviving that fall. During the finale, I expected her to burst open the doors to the garage and murderize Michael. Even though I totally imagined it, I was even comfortable with the last line she delivered before one final blow to his head, “This is your last scare, Michael!”

  • mobstar67

    the lowest point of one of horrors greatest franchise…i too saw this in theaters and i will say i did like the opening sequence with Lauri Strode it quickly fell apart after her demise…
    you hit the nail right on the head EMBARRISSING or SHAMEFUL come to mind when i think of this film…so many parts to pick apart and ridicule..
    did anyone really like this film at all ???

  • Vadicta

    That karate kick out of a window… I’ll never forget 😮

  • NixEclips

    Really. You don’t even mention that the second clip is a reshoot and that Busta was originally dead in the first cut. Audiences so loved his character that they gave negative feedback at screenings, so they brought him back to save the day.
    Evan, I trust you know your stuff. Please try to add more history or information in your pieces. They are a bit… ummm… underfed? Be well.

    • weresmurf

      Personally I never believed that story. I always thought it was a case of some douchebag exec thought it would be ‘cool’ to have the flavour of the year, Bustah Rhymes, survive. Seems far more likely.

      • NixEclips

        I wish I had links to back me up, Weresmurf. But I could swear I read interviews in mags like Fango about this. Perhaps it was the internet, I dunno. But I wouldn’t put it past a suit to make that call to change it.

  • Marty McFly

    Yeah, Busta Rhymes being in the movie was bad enough, but the movie itself just sucked to high heaven, which is too bad cause H20 was actually really good…

    For me, some embarrassing moments would be basically any moment from Jason Takes Manhattan, Jason Goes To Hell or Jason X. They really need to not make the “Jason __________ ” kind of movies anymore, cause they’re always cheesy gimmicks. Those three are the worst of the entire series. I’m glad the remake brought it back to it’s original formula; Jason, violence, Campy Crystal Lake, teenagers, drugs/booze and sex. That formula worked, why change what’s not broken? Hopefully they won’t go back to the shitty gimmick crap.

  • Marty McFly

    *Camp (wish you could edit posts on here, very annoying)

  • NixEclips

    Here’s why they changed F13: It was broken. It wasn’t making the money it used to. They had to try new things. Sure, JGTH was awful (mainly because no real Jason” and Friday 8 was worse (where did he take Manhattan?), but Jason X was a solid Friday movie. Great set-up and kills. What did the remake have? Tunnels. And running. And he got his mask. And lame, lame kills.

    • djblack1313

      NixEclips, zombie Jason is IMO the worst thing that happened to the F13 franchise. i’ll take tunnels & running anyday (which actually makes his victims have to work at not getting killed as opposed to magic Jason who can magically appear and kill the fastest running victim…..absurd).

      • NixEclips

        Okay, let’s not get into the live vs zombie Jason. The tunnels were in the film to explain how he can teleport and he ran in the earlier films. I’m just saying the remake lacked in any fun stuff. Like the goddamn kills. Even the butchered part 7’s kills were more entertaining.

        • djblack1313

          NixEclips, i DO agree w/ you that most of the kills in the reboot were bland/uninspired.

    • macguffin54

      I can’t tell if you are serious. You do realize “takes” does not mean to bring somewhere. It means “to take by storm”, or wildly succeed (in a particular place, especially Manhattan.) As in The Muppets Take Manhattan.

      • NixEclips

        Yes, but spending 15 minutes walking around doesn’t constitute “taking” anything.

  • MovieGeek

    My least favorite of the series (I like the Zombie films, wanna fight about it?).

    • djblack1313

      poor little MovieGeek.

      • MovieGeek

        You complain about me trolling you but troll me back? Hypocrite much?

        • djblack1313

          now you know how it feels. feels good, huh? LOL.

          • MovieGeek

            It actually feels good.

          • djblack1313

            something you don’t say very often, MovieGeek? lol.

    • kaijupunk

      YES. THIS.

      I’ve been saying it for years. How could Rob Zombie possibly be blamed for “ruining the franchise” when Busta Rhymes did it years ago. Kills me. I understand people not liking the Rob Zombie films, but, whether you like it or not, he CAN make a film… and Resurrection was just an embarrassment – the acting, the story, the mask, Busta… everything.

      • djblack1313

        kaijupunk, well said. i actually really enjoy Zombie’s HALLOWEEN movies (yes, that includes H2!). 🙂

        • weresmurf

          I enjoyed Halloween but found part 2 to be a complete mess, but don’t personally throw all that on Zombies shoulders. From what I heard the production of the film itself was a goddamn nightmare for the man with interference from all directions. The stuff with his ‘ghost mom and the horse’ I found to be just out of place and ridiculous in part 2 personally yet all the stuff with his mom, every part of it, worked beautifully in part 1. Something went drastically wrong for Zombie between 1 and 2, something in terms of creative control.

          That being said, Zombies Halloweens stand head, shoulders and knives above Halloweens 4 5 6 and 8 quite easily, I’d say 3 but that’s like the redheaded stepchild of the series.

          Either way…. 30 more days til Halloweeeeeeen Halloweeeeeeen Halloweeeeeeen 30 more days til Halloweeeeeeen Silverrrrr Shamrock.

          • mobstar67

            i think Zombie totally breathed new life into the franchise…
            he knocked it out of the park in the reboot and had one of the great opening sequences in recent years with the opening of H2…it kind of went off the rails a little with the whole white horse thing…
            have to agree…

      • ThunderDragoon


    • zafisher94

      I’m with ya. Zombie’s Halloween’s are awesome. And speaking as someone who ranks Halloween as the best horror franchise ever, they blow away all the sequels, with perhaps H20 being the exception.

  • Canucklehead

    Halloween 3 was totally underrated.

  • Kelton138

    As a huge fan of the series (The original is my favorite movie), I first lost faith seeing H2O in the theater. It’s my least favorite still. I can’t help but like 4 & 5 and I think I really like watching Paul Rudd be so weird in the 6th. The producer’s cut is definitely better. I was excited when I found out Zombie was making one as I was dreading a remake and thought if anyone is going to do it, at least it’s him. Loved it at first but they haven’t aged well for me. I think it’s that it feels like the Firefly family’s world when I was hoping for a safe, sleepy, suburban Haddonfield for Michael to terrorize.

  • horrorking95

    I never found this that horrific because I don’t really know who Busta Rhymes is! It’s still a bad film though. Michael Myers should’ve stayed dead in H20 it was the perfect ending for him.

  • cadaverous-tissue

    Season of the witch would maybe get more love if it was a stand alone carpenter movie and not part of the franchise. Kinda liked H2O at the time but it’s very much of the scream era. Both Zombie Halloweens had their flaws, however the nights in white satin sequence from H2 is awesome.

  • cadaverous-tissue

    oops, Carpenter only produced season of the witch, it was of course directed by tommy lee Wallace.

  • Kwonkicker

    H2 by Rob Zombie was the worst one. This was a Godsend compared to that atrocity…..

  • MovieGeek

    I don’t get how someone could say H2 is better. I understand the H2 hate but it was a separate entity from the the rest of the series. Resurrection was part of the original series and killed off Laurie in such a “whatever” manner.

    Not only did Resurrection shit on the ending of H20 but seeing one of my favorite slasher villains getting his ass kicked by this ass clown was a sad, sad, sad moment for this franchise. I’m forever grateful the next film was a complete reboot of the series.

  • Gh0st

    Still can’t get over the fact that Busta Rhymes killed off the legendary Michael Myers… Wtf!

  • HalloweenVic

    Yea busta rhymes was a bit tacky but I still really like resurrection! I love all the Halloween films! Some might not agree but I do! There’s just something about Michael and his kitchen knife!!!

  • Zerotc2345

    i’m going out on a limb here but i really like Resurrection. yeah it is tacky and cheesy but i find it has a certain charm to it that i like. it could that it was one of the first few Halloween films i ever saw (the first being Halloween 4, i love that film!)

  • zafisher94

    While I do enjoy Resurrection as a guilty pleasure, I certainly agree that it is a horrendous film and the worst in the series. I’d rank them:
    1) Halloween
    2) Halloween (2007)
    3) Halloween 2 (2009)
    4) Halloween H20
    5) Halloween 4
    6) Halloween 6
    7) Halloween 5
    8) Halloween 2
    9) Halloween 3
    10) Halloween: Resurrection

  • Krug09

    i dont understand why they gave people ammo by filming scenes like this but having an unknown treat myers that way would have been worst atleast busta has charisma…

  • IconOfSin

    Zombie’s remake is by no means the worst in the series. I’ll take Sheri-Moon over Busta Rhymes any day. While the original is by far the best, the likes of 4,5 & 6(yes I went there)are fairly strong, mostly because Pleasance is quality in his role of Loomis. I also enjoyed Paul Rudd going a tad psycho in part 6.

  • ih8nj

    real fans of the series dont even acknowledge this garbage as part of the series. it was simply a cash cow. Curtis herself has apologized for being a part of it, calling it an embarassment.

  • TwoNinetyNine

    I’m sure a lot of people are going to think this was the low point of the series. But, I will argue that the series had already hit rock bottom in ’95 with Curse of Michael Myers. Michael was the member of the cult of Thorn and at that point where was no returning from the hell they drove this series into. Busta Rhymes busting his rhymes a few years later just sprayed a little more lighter fluid on the already smoldering carcass of the series.

    I will argue that Curse of Michael Myers was the worst in the series. At least Resurrection had some comedic entertainment for me.

  • Sick_skwerl

    First off, I have no love for the Rob Zombie versions, nor the completely hack way they took for Resurrection.
    But here is a random terrible franchise moment, from the overall awesome ANOES 3 Dream Warriors: “I’m beautiful. And bad!” Worst line in the entire series. I’d rather watch the S&M PE teacher from Freddy’s Revenge call people “dirtballs” for 2 hours than listen to that shitty line.

  • Absinthespade

    The Halloween franchise has been embarrassing post 2. H20 was decent enough, but everything else (including the Zombie remakes) were terrible.

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