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Can You Figure Out Protest The Hero’s ‘Volition’ Artwork? Because I Sure Can’t



Canadian prog-metal band Protest The Hero have unveiled an interactive website where fans can go to try and reveal the REAL album artwork for the band’s upcoming album Volition, which comes out October 29th via Razor & Tie. The band writes, “Today we launch a unique, interactive fan-sourcing experience to reveal the Jeff Jordan-created artwork for our forthcoming album Volition. Playing off the night vision-equipped vultures featured in the artwork, each fan’s visibility is restricted to the immediate area surrounding their cursor, giving them limited access to the illustration. Each visitor’s viewfinder moves simultaneously amongst the others, forming a real-time flock of crowd-sourced clarity – fans must work together to expand their collective vision and reveal the artwork in its entirety. Go here to join the party!

Volition pre-orders have officially opened up on iTunes. Also, make sure to check out our article on why I can’t stop listening to the band’s current single “Clarity” here.

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