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Cool Retro Poster For Indie ‘The New Family’



The new indie slasher/thriller, The New Family, is set in 1987, where a killer preys upon pregnant women in the sleepy town of Murdoch.

Currently in pre-production, new plot details have been shared, as well as a really cool retro poster. While there’s no director(?!) or cast yet, I guess this is really about gazing upon a really sweet one-sheet….

Blair Cassidy is beautiful and bored. The sleepy town of Murdoch offers nothing new to her, until the body of a young woman is found in the park. Two days later another body is found near the shores of Hollow’s Lake, both women discovered in compromising positions. Now the boring town of Murdoch has become a town of terror. When authorities release a connection to the victims, Blair is impregnated with sudden panic. Like her, the two women were with child. A killer stalks the streets, with a motive more terrifying than Blair or any woman could ever imagine.


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