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Awesome ‘Final Destination 6’ Concept Trailer — Hey, New Line, We Like This!

If you’re going to make a sequel, at least try something new – try and further the genre. I liked the conceit of a found-footage Final Destination, even though that never came into fruition. The 3-D in FD5 was extraordinary, and really took audience inside Death’s game of cat and mouse. So, what now? New Line Cinema clearly forgot they have huge horror franchises, and even gave away the rights to Jason Voorhees so Paramount Pictures could make their own Friday the 13th movie. While they’re in the business to make money, you can also garner rewards by keeping your fans happy. The fans, well, we want more Elm Streets, a new Freddy vs. Jason, and even would enjoy a new Final Destination.

Apparently, Final Destination producer Craig Perry is still pushing New Line to get a sixth film off the ground – and one of his concept trailers has been shared online by its creator.

Alexander McNeill shared his concept trailer for Final Destination 6: The Dark Age, which takes the fun concept of cheating death back to the 12th century! “Here’s something fun. Final Destination producer Craig Perry and I discussed a possible direction the franchise could take,It inspired this edit of a concept trailer for a sixth Final Destination movie. The trailer is a mix of over 20 different films and TV shows. The idea is to draft behind ‘Game of Thrones’ and set it in the 12th century.

Here’s a look at what a next Final Destination might look like…

Thoughts? This opens the door to so many possibilities like taking death to space (Gravity should get people thinking).



  • lilmarkuk

    no thank would be boring as hell

  • snotboy21

    I hate this soooo much. Never ever ever has going back in time improved on a horror movie. Lame, terrible, making me angry.

  • djblack1313

    that was beautifully shot and looks great….but not as a FD movie.

  • drmodem

    It’s always brave to take a sequel in a fresh direction, but I think the Final Destination series is a rare example of where formula works. People watch it for the creative deaths, not for much else, so I can’t see how changing the historical context will do it any favours. Get some decent actors and a team of writers who can dream up some incredible death sequences and the audience will come. And there’s no harm in bringing back some old faces (if that’s possible? Did anyone make survive?) – it would be interesting to shed more light on the character played by Tony Todd.

  • I’d like to see the Coroner’s character brought into new depth. My scenerio is that the 6th installment takes place when the Coroner was a young man and how he himself has a premonition that a group of strangers and him were gonna die (possibly in a building fire). It would show how he was the only one to survive deaths plan and how becoming a coroner saved him in the end because instead of working against death, he now, as we all know, works side by side with death!

    We’d have to find the perfect actor to play a young Tony Todd. And, to add a new level to the overall stories in the previous films, there can be scenes where Tony’s character has these nightmares of people dying in airplanes, bridge collapses, highway pile ups, etc. Leading the audience to realize why the Coroner knows some much in his future regarding the other films.

    The deaths in this film would have to have a lot of build up to them and a the film would have a overall dark, and gritty feel to it. AND, like in the first film where Alex sees his seat belt rip, Tony’s character can forsee ways that he can save people by fates hands, but eventually death overcomes him but not in the way that death overcame all the others after him!

    Towards the end of the film, it could show it 20 or 30 years in the future and possibly catch us up with the Coroner and his life, or mysterious whereabouts and how he moves from city to city and by deaths plan is always near others who have premonitions. It would also be keen to show any loose ends or questions left by the last films.

  • weresmurf

    I think everyones pretty much dead now with 5 bringing it full circle?

  • weresmurf

    This would make an interesting movie, but not an interesting final destination movie.

    I’d use the original specs for FD here if I were them, Jeff Reddick originally had the Grim Reaper as an entity in the FD script before it was removed and there was merely a ‘presence’. I’d throw in some sort of entity causing all this, have it on the ship, then on land, then at the castle with the soothsayers etc trying to find out what’s happening. It would’nt be original but it’d be at least fun I guess?

  • mav07


    • Mr.Mirage

      See above.

  • matt.kimmel.9

    I think this would be awesome! People are always saying that there is never anything new in horror, and while it would be a sequel, it would be totally fresh. Imagine the creative kills that we haven’t really seen by using all the medieval instruments. I would see it!

    • djblack1313

      matt, i’m all for new ideas/new new new but this movie (if it’s ever made) should be called something OTHER than FD. they’d only be calling it that for name recognition.

    • tee

      Oh yeah? Tell me one SUPER creative death you can think of using mediaval methods! Being accused of murder and send up to the guillotine, and all sorts of torture devices? NO! It doesn’t work! That is more like SAW.

  • DarrelDreadful

    I thought FD5 was pretty good and did a great job bringing the franchise together. FD4 should have been retitled so that FD5 could have been name The Final Destination, because I don’t think they should continue the franchise at this point.

  • HalloweenVic

    I kinda like the idea of taking death to the 12th century I mean it is tricky and risky to take the final destination franchise into that direction but I mean it kinda needs a new fresh take and something different how many times can death keep killing a bunch of highschool kids? It will get boring so I say go for it New Line give us something new yet stick to the roots and with the right actors and writers this can work!!!

    • Dannyll Ramirez

      Who cares? Its cool watching high school getting killed one by one? As long as theirs creative deaths then who cares? The final destination movies dont really have a plot. So it doesnt matter if theres another group of teens? People just watch these movies for the kills.

      • Tomie Kawakami

        Shut the fuck up. People like you don’t even get to say what the next FD movie should be like, fans do.

      • HalloweenVic

        That’s your opinion but to me it needs a new take to make it interesting, repeating the same shit is old already not here for that!!

  • ThunderDragoon

    No, we don’t like this, Mr. D! It’s a terrible idea for a Final Destination movie. Like I said when the trailer was first posted, I hate this idea. I’ll even copy and paste my comments here to make everybody understand why this is a bad idea. Here are my YouTube comments:

    Cool trailer, although I wouldn’t want to see this. Not unless the franchise made no more money and they had to resort to making straight to DVD movies. Even then, though, it wouldn’t really interest me. It doesn’t feel “Final Destination-y” to me. It reminds me more of the dozens of cheap, medieval-based movies that are on Netflix Instant. The idea itself just reeks of: “Okay, no more ideas, let’s go way back.” I don’t mean to sound negative, but I have to be honest.

    Making it this way would result in a movie worse than TFD, and I don’t think any of us want that. No offense to Craig Perry, he’s a cool guy, but I’m really hoping he doesn’t have that much of an influence on how FD6 happens because this would be a disaster, and not in a good way!

    So there are my thoughts. I’m a huge FD fan so I really don’t want to see another terrible entry (like TFD) into the franchise. I’m trying to stop this before it actually happens. Even read the rest of the comments here, most of the people don’t want this idea as the next Final Destination film. If anything, New Line, listen to the people. Please. Most of us don’t want it. This is getting me stressed. Oh lord. I hope everything works out for the best. Never have I ever been so adamant on a horror movie NOT happening. Geez…

    • Tomie Kawakami

      Placing a FD movie in the age of superstition and constant fear would be extremely interesting and innovative. It would expand the franchises mythology and give it even more depth. If you read the comments on the YouTube video you’d see that MOST PEOPLE are totally up for it. You’re delusional. What people on BD say doesn’t really matter and doesn’t really count because almost everyone here is an overly cynical douche who opposes anything creative.

      How do you even know the movie will be “worse than TFD” just by hearing what its concept might be? Sorry but you’re an idiot. Many >actual< fans of this franchise, including its producer, are rooting and fighting for this idea, because really it might be the only way another FD movie even would be made.

      So stop trying to brainwash everyone into "understanding why this is a bad idea", because it's just your opinion and nobody cares. Now go away thirsty.

      • djblack1313

        Tomie, Shut the fuck up. People like you don’t even get to say what the next FD movie should be like, fans do.

        • Tomie Kawakami

          You’re hilarious.

          • djblack1313

            good comeback, junior.

      • ThunderDragoon

        You sure wrote a long comment for somebody claiming that nobody cares about my opinion. How about you go away instead? Nobody wants somebody like you around here calling people idiots for a difference in opinion. Either way, I won’t be replying to you again. Buh bye.

        • djblack1313

          ThunderDragoon, you’ll have to forgive Tomie. he/she/it has a TON of sand in his/her/it’s vagina. 🙂

          • ThunderDragoon

            I’ll make a mental note of that lol. Thanks.

        • Tomie Kawakami

          That’s cute did you type that all by yourself?

      • tee

        Have you ever consider about the death scenes for this film? You’re so one-dimensional, because all you think about is that: Wow, there are all sorts of medieval torture devices and there is disease, and slaves!!!! But to think about it, you won’t get any creative and cool death scenes without any modern equipment…

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    Please no. If this is the only pitch ‘New Line’ has received, I can see why they haven’t said yes. It just doesn’t interest me.

  • Dannyll Ramirez

    Id be so down for a Final Destination 6 but in the past. Just make it modern

  • Jackdee Baptiste

    I would be down for watching this movie just in general,whether they make it part of the FD series or not. And you already know the deaths would be awesome because many of torture devices and cruel ways of death were pretty much created in the olden timey days.

    • tee

      NO YOU ARE DEAD WRONG!! You won’t get any cool death scenes in the past! How would you get creative death scenes when all you have are executions?! Make your mind right! You need to have modern equipment and technology!

  • horrorking95

    This would be a weird Final Destination movie. I think the franchise has ran its course. It ended on a great note so let’s keep it that way!

  • hawkward

    i know how to end this fucking sequel, make someone prevent the apocalypse then after that everyone is juste dying everywhere in fucked up ways, end of story.

  • Poppa

    Something like this is exactly what this franchise needs. Just don’t make it a numerical FD (i.e. not FD6). Death is truly timeless and it would be fascinating to see how cheating death plays out in a time when Europe is being decimated by the Plague. It could make for a smart commentary on a subject (disease, untimely deaths, suffering) that still affects us today. Not to mention the possibility of shedding light on the mythology surrounding the visions and Death. It would need one hell of a budget though.

    FD was always about the creative deaths, but the franchise has definitely lost steam. Sure, changing the time is an easy out, but it would be nice to see Death have to kill without the convenience of modern infrastructure.

    • HalloweenVic

      YESSSS!!! Someone actually understands! I definitely agree with u 110%!!!!!!

    • tee

      Oh, we will so totally get bloody and creative death scenes with deadly plague and diseases! AHHHHH!!! Geez…the past is a boring and safe place.

  • Darkness69

    Hell, I’d go see this. I see no reason not to go to the past, as Death isn’t really constrained by modern times. I think there would be some innovative kills here! For example, a torturer is cleaning up his devices a bit and then gets killed by one of them “by accident”, things like that.

  • snotboy21

    Whoa. Ok now I know that I’m definitely not interested in this but for different reasons. I think it’s silly to attack one another’s level of fandom. I happen to love the FD series and it’s because it really is a very simple concept, one that opens itself up to so many different interpretations. I think that doing this in medieval times just changes the whole tone and motivations of all the characters. Honestly back then I’m pretty sure everyone would immediately agree that death is coming to get them one by one. Not really much to go against seeing how they all believed in magic and demons and the like. The series works because it looks at all the modern day environment we live in and how we could all be taken down by the littlest thing. The whole rube goldberg take just doesn’t seem viable when everything is stone, wood, and rope. Sure they could come up with ways to make it work but It just doesn’t seem to conjure up as much fear because everyone is already worried about everything falling apart and killing them at all times. I mean shit what was the average life expectations back in those days. It’s seeing vital people with much life and all to expect be surprised when dealing with their mortality and unwillingness to see the end being so soon. I’m a hardcore fan and have my own shitty FD script I’ve written. I would love to see a new one, I would just be so sad if its this movie.

    • ThunderDragoon

      Exactly. I agree. Final Destination is a franchise all about looking at everyday things around you and knowing the dangers of such things. Having it set in medieval times would completely take away that relevance and fear, and just turn it into some cheesy SyFy channel movie for a quick buck. I’d be completely fine with having the next FD take place in the not-so-distant past like the 80s or something like that, but medieval is just not the way to take it. I’d be very disappointed if they went with this.

  • brvoorhees

    All I want of a new FD movie:
    – A girl as the main character
    – A longer-running movie
    – Great deaths
    – A screenplay with a different structure. The movie needs to be less rushed, and it NEEDS to have survivals for a following movie(the 7th one, which should be the final one).

    It’s a great concept for a franchise, but they keep underusing it. It’s not impossible to make a movie that stands out in the franchise, but they keep repeating the _exact_ same formula with one or two new stuff and nothing more.

  • TwoNinetyNine

    Oh my God. Speak for yourself. Don’t say, “we the fans”. I’m a horror fan and I most definitely do NOT want more Elm Streets, another Freddy vs Jason or another Final Destination. Jesus, whatever happened to originality in this genre? Another sequel, another remake and some more recycled garbage doesn’t interest me.

    Final Destination 6? Christ, I hope not.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    I’m all for them trying something different, just not this. I think the opening should be a teenage girl who has a premonition that her family and friends (who are having a sleepover) will be killed by a home intruder. When she stops this from happening (like the rest of the films in the series) her family and friends start dying. Meanwhile the intruder is released from jail, after all, since she stopped the murder from happening, the only charges he had against him where breaking and entering.

    We follow the teenage girls character watching her family and friends die, dodging death herself, and also contemplating revenge on the man who caused all this, but she’s torn because she stopped him before he actually killed anyone. And, she’s afraid if he’s planning on murdering someone else, by stopping him beforehand, she will cause his next “would-be victim” the same torment she and her family are going through with death literally coming after them.

    So that’s my long-winded idea for a sequel. The opening can be a brutal “High Tension” style massacre then the rest of the movie can follow the standard FD formula.

  • tee

    While I think this concept can work, the only problem is the death scenes! Without the use of modern equipment, death is one boring b*tch. Death by accidental medieval torture devices, executions, or plague is so not cool! The only death I can think of is a girl being stung by wasps…

  • Ben Buckler

    Don’t see the need for a sixth movie, but this concept trailer is epic.

  • Tigernan Quinn

    Yes, using Amistad – a movie about a slave ship – for your concept trailer is such a classy move.

  • MetaMinder

    While it’s a great concept trailer, I have a couple of other ideas.

    1. Start in the subway train from Final Destination 3. The same type stuff happens to a group of people in another car of that train. It starts with the star seeing the stars from this one in the front car,and the punk dude tossing his candy. Then she sees the whole thing with what would happen to them. They get off the train. Blah blah blah. Then end.

    2. This might be TOO creepy or inappropriate for our times, but I’ll throw the idea out there. Base a storyline around germs and viruses, Do microscopic shots of the travel of the germ, virus or whatever small microbe that gets either each person or one of the people in a newer movies.

    Most scary movies these days are boringly unpredictable. What I like about these movies is that each chain of events that leads to someone’s demise is unpredictable and thus the movies deliver great suspense.

    Thank you to whoever is creating the Final Destination series. I do hope there are more.

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