Insane Trailer For ‘Killers’, Brutal Indonesian Horror From ‘V/H/S/2’s’ Timo Tjahjanto!!

  • horrorking95

    To be honest the trailer didn’t do much for me. But I very much like the poster and the people behind this make it worth seeing alone. I love The Raid and Macabre. Count me in!

  • cadaverous-tissue

    That poster is pretty sweet. Trailer at least looks original. L for libido from ABC’s was wrong and full tilt disturbing. I loved it. Macabre was disappointing though. Derivative of Hostel, Inside, texas chainsaw and about a million other “cannibal family” movies you’ve already seen. It was only 90 minutes, but I seriously felt it was never gonna end.

  • coldblood

    This flick looks great. Count me in.

  • dirtyghettok

    This looks like it’s going to be super intense. So yeah, I’m a man.. sorta.. I got a teddy bear.. and I’m gonna take it to the theater to watch this bad ass movie. I’m stoked.

  • Mayday

    I didn’t care for the ABCs segment, but the second half of Safe Haven launched V/H/S/2 from a good movie to a great one.

  • LiamZH

    Mmmm…Luna Maya – crazy story how her boyfriend (ex now?) went to jail for their sex tape leaking. Supposedly a friend found the video on their laptop and it went viral. Oh well.