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‘Bride Of Frankenstein’ Soundtrack Coming To Limited Edition Vinyl

Can we take a moment to appreciate all the love that horror soundtracks are getting on vinyl over the past few months? It’s really amazing that there are people out there who have such faith and belief in the music of the classic horror films that we grew up with and love.

Okay, moving along now. Music On Vinyl has announced that they will be releasing a limited edition vinyl of Franz Waxman’s iconic score to the 1935 classic Bride Of Frankenstein, which starred the incredible Boris Karloff and was directed by James Whale. The limited edition vinyl will be released on slime green vinyl and can be pre-ordered on Amazon. Head on down to see a picture of the pressing.

Side One

Main Title
Prologue / Menuetto and Storm / Monster Entrance
Processional March
Strange Apparition / Pretorius’ Entrance / You Will Need A Coat
Bottle Sequence
Female Monster / Pastorale / Village Chase / Crucifixion

Side Two

Fire In The Hut / Graveyard
Dance Macabre
The Creation / The Tower Explodes / Finale

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