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[TV] “Scream” Series Will Go In A Supernatural Direction

Monday morning Harvey Weinstein stated that he’s attempting to get his brother to back a Scream 5, which would end the franchise once and for all.

But where does that leave the MTV television series, currently being adapted by Jay Beattie and Dan Dworkin?

Weinstein told the Zurich Film Festival audience that there’s no overlap between the series and film franchise, adding that the series “is supposed to represent a new beginning and also pursue a supernatural direction.

The fact that MTV’s target audience is that of “Teen Wolf” doesn’t excite me, at all. The idea that there’s a supernatural spin to Ghostface could be interesting, but there’s no way in hell MTV takes this in the direction us hardcore horror fans would want: that of Freddy, Jason or Michael.

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  • dluongo

    I’ve seen the Teen Wolf series, and needless to say I didn’t enjoy it. Why put anything supernatural in SCREAM? It’s like how they decided to make all monsters now in Scooby-Doo movies/shows real

  • djblack1313

    TEEN WOLF seasons 1 & 2 are excellent. season 3A lost it’s way but i’m hoping the rest of season 3B will get back on track. it sounds like this new SCREAM show will try to be like the show SUPERNATURAL. not sure how i feel about that. i’ll need to see it before i judge it.

  • Skull-And-Crossbones

    making bad decisions even worse. it’s astonishing. part of the reason why the scream films were so successful (IMO) was because of their raw/realistic nature. slaher movies where the killers can actually be killed. i dont think i can count many slasher movies prior to scream that the endings revealed that the killer was still alive after being hung, shot, blown up, buried, stabbed, DECAPITATED, and so on.

    • Skull-And-Crossbones

      how many*

  • EvilHead1981

    I don’t mind the idea of a supernatural Scream. You could liken it to Ft13. While some will say zombie Jason sucks, most pop culture memories of Jason originate from THAT depiction. I was also open to the idea of making Sleepaway Camp supernatural(Berserk), and actually would’ve loved to see Carpenter’s take his purposed Halloween sequel where the ghost of Michael Myers haunts Haddonfield. They’ll probably do something similar with the Scream TV series, Ghostface might actually be a ghostly killer.

    Actually, with the exception of Hatchet, we really don’t have that many mainstream supernatural slashers anymore. Wouldn’t mind seeing something more imaginative regarding supernatural slashers(like Freddy Krueger), instead of adhering to natural laws, go creatively crazy with what the killer can do(like Stitches).

    • Undeath

      Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of Scream. But I agree that we need more imaginative slashers.

  • wehoaks

    I find it odd that Harvey supposedly mentions this during a Q & A but the only site to report on it initially is a German site devoted to the BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. Now everyone is running with it? Not to mention scooped by some IMDB user. I hope this ends up being a massive OOPS on everyone’s part.

  • doomas10

    No Scream should NOT be supernatural. If feels like they are so hard trying to milk the franchise. Give us a Scream 5 and then stopped there. The whoe franchise was based on “kinda” believable killers – that anybody could be the psychopath. Now with this….

  • kaido

    For the love of GHOSTFACE, no! It took me a year to finish the first season of TW… It wasn’t the best.

  • Kirby Reed

    Can we not? The thing that makes the Scream series so efficient is that literally anyone could pick up a knife, put on a mask, and start mutilating teenagers.

    • snotboy21

      That is the absolute point. I agree so much. That and a winking meta humor crust.

  • SonOfVoorhees

    Supernatural idea is stupid. Whole point of the movies are that the killers had reasons for what they did. The killer was a real person, someone that the group of friends knew. Making it a ghost or whatever is just shit. If the original Scream doesnt work for a series, then dont make a tv series.

  • DragonSlayer111

    Trying not to get my hopes up cause for some reason this has disaster written all over it. Why MTV dammit!

  • HalloweenVic

    I really like teen wolf a lot! But please keep supernatural and scream out of the same sentence! And I would prefer the final Scream film first before the series and to be honest I don’t known about the tv show version anymore considering since it is mtv they have to keep it limited and PG-13ish I don’t know I’m kinda in between but I’m all up for some more ghostface so do this shit right and bring it on!!!

  • WalkWithMeInDarkness

    The news about a final Scream movie possibly happening got me excited, but this sounds dumb. I wouldn’t want to see a non-supernatural Nightmare on Elm Street and I don’t want a supernatural Scream. Even if it isn’t in the same universe as the films, it just isn’t what Scream is. Then again, being supernatural is the least of the show’s problems, considering mtv is doing it. I just want another movie. Even though I’m not excited for the show because it’s mtv, I think it should take place outside the world in the movies, maybe be set in a world where Scream is just a film and someone targets Scream fans.

  • David

    “On the next MTV’s Scream, So-and-So battles Whats-her-face at the prom. Special guest stars Snooki and Vinney from Jersey Shore”

  • Tomie Kawakami

    Dear Bloody Disgusting,

    please look up “professional journalism” in the dictionary and don’t report news that haven’t even been remotely checked or confirmed. For all we know this could very well be made up.

    • Tomie Kawakami

      … by that German Blair Witch site.

    • doomas10

      This is a horror website and they report from news to buzz and sometimes rumours. The point is for us, the fans to talk about it since we share a common interest. No need to be mean to them 🙁

      • wehoaks

        Who is being mean? I said the same thing above. THere is one source and it is a GERMAN BLAIR WITCH SITE. At a Q & A why would ONLY ONE site report this but all of them report Scream 5. They didn’t fact check shit. And this NEWS section shouldn’t be for rumors.

        • doomas10

          I do not mind rumours. And why you seem to be annoyed? You feel like you wasted your time? I personally like to see people’s opinions and share a thought or two if if the thing is a rumour. It is not the end of the world you know.

  • Wolf-man

    So basically, this will probably be another Friday the 13th The Series in which the show is Scream in name only.

  • ill_mindedd

    why even ruin a good thing. SCREAM is so iconic , i dont want MTV to ruin that.

  • drmodem

    That is perhaps the strangest news story I’ve read on Bloody Disgusting to date. What on EARTH are they thinking? You don’t even need to suggest this to gauge reactions – the entire fan base of the film series will turn their backs on this and the whole thing will sink. I thought the concept of a series was flawed to begin with, but this is just bizarre.

  • Marty McFly

    Of course, leave it to Mtv to fuck something up. Scream series? Horrible idea, I was iffy with part 4 but they pulled it off. Don’t beat a dead horse.

  • Kenneth Tanner

    This is a crock of shit !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The best slasher movie in the world is fucked up by MTV !!!!!!!!
    Christ this is worse than Rob Zombie remaking Halloween !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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