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[Indie Horror Spotlight] ‘The House 2’ Is A Nightmarish Haunted House Game

Okay, I lied. In the last Trailer vs. Trailer I said muffled, tinny Adam was no more. Unfortunately, I forgot about this video. After today, it’s all new mic. I promise.

In this episode of Indie Horror Spotlight, David explains to me what holes are for as we explore an intensely creepy haunted house game called The House 2. It’s a point and click game, but I’ve used my 3rd grade level editing skills to streamline it so there’s about 80% less me randomly clicking the screen hoping something scary happens. This is a pretty damn freaky game and we actually managed to beat it in one episode. I think I’m getting better at this!

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  • sabrinag

    addam can u kill david? the bed part “someone had the period” that was a disgusting comment XD

    • Adam Dodd

      I’ll only kill him if you’re available to replace him as my new co-host. 🙂

  • sabrinag

    that’s impossible i am from another country with high difference hour, and of course my english is terrible.
    And u two are the perfect couple haha; the funny-fearful & the smart-pervert

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