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Trailer For ‘The Death of April’, Screening in New York

Brit Godish and Ruben Rodriguez’s The Death of April is completed and is being screened in NYC on October 7th at the Producers Club on 358 West 44th Street, New York, NY.

In the film, Megan Mullen, freshly moved into her east coast home,keeps in touch with her friends through a video blog. As her entries (and her life) become more complex and emotional, strange things begin to happen in her apartment: and the camera captures it all.

Told from the point-of-view of a webcam mixed with documentary footage, The Death of April explores the unsettling activity in an otherwise average girl’s apartment and the mysteries that surround it.

The film promises to keep viewers on the edge of their seats. What lurks in Megan’s mind, or in her new home?

Check out the trailer and poster below.



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