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[Random Not-So-Cool] Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst Joins Billy Ray Cyrus On The Arsenio Hall Show

In what might be a prime example of really, really awful ideas, country musician Billy Ray Cyrus performed his new single “Lately” on The Arsenio Hall Show and was joined onstage by Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst. Durst comes out spewing the most off-key, nonsensical rapping I’ve heard in a while and it honestly blows my mind that the audience didn’t go all Jerry Springer on the act and begin whipping their chairs at the stage. It really is a terrible performance and a terrible song overall.

Head on down to laugh/cringe to your heart’s content.

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  • gishikin

    And we should give a fuck because…?

  • HorrorManiac666

    I somewhat enjoyed the song till Fred Durst came out.

    • Lion7718

      Ya, it wasn’t bad till then, I turned it off 2 seconds after Durst starting in…lol Maybe he should’ve borrowed Miley’s foam finger.

  • horrorgasm

    They gave Arsenio Hall a show again? Next thing you know they’ll bring back the Magic Johnson show.

  • Sick_skwerl

    Hey, Cyrus, Nickelback called and said, “Stop ripping off our style. Because we’re fucking awful.”
    Hey, Durst, the late 90’s called and left a message that just said “no one will ever love you.”
    And gishkin, seems like a lot of trouble to read and then post on an article that you don’t give a fuck about. You’re a class act.
    Good job, Barkan, I got a laugh from it.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    Well that was atrocious. There’s a reason neither of them have had any musical success in decades.

  • j.c

    This brings to mind an old quote, “like masturbating with a cheese grater…amusing at first, but painful after awhile”.

  • ZaneH

    It almost feels like Fred Durst came in to just mess up the song like a video version of a photo bomb

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