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6 Bizarre Halloween Costumes For Dogs!!

Man, people really get into dressing up their pets! I’ve never really done this to any of my dogs, I just didn’t feel like annoying them that much. While I’m currently dogless, my family has historically gone for bigger breeds that would probably dismantle/destroy anything I had placed on them in a matter of seconds.

But most of the dogs in these pics seem like they’re handling their owners’ enthusiasm rather well. While I couldn’t find too many decent “horrific” iterations on this theme (lets face it, not too many people want to see their pets bloodied up – even as a simulation), here at BD we love everything Halloween. And I love dogs. So there you go.

Head below for 6 Bizarre Halloween Costumes For Dogs!!!


There’s a ton of photoshopped Bane-for-dog outfits on the net, but this one (according to my undiscerning eye at least) appears real. Also, the smaller the dog, the better this idea works.


A pretty elaborate little outfit for this Shepard. However….


… again the idea somehow translates better on a smaller animal.


This is a horrifyingly popular trend. I easily found DOZENS of variations on this, so it’s probably a meme well worth retiring. Still, this guy wears it best.


This one loses points for laziness, but the colors work well enough for it to conjure a seasonally appropriate cognitive dissonance.


This is sort of a cry for help on my part. Can anyone tell me that the f*ck this one is all about? What does it mean? What am I not getting?



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