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[TV] Showtime Wouldn’t Allow “Dexter” To Die!!

I didn’t see one single, solitary second of this year’s eighth and final season of “Dexter“. In a desperate bid to get back into the show, I watched Season 6 and the first episode of Season 7 last year – and that didn’t really help me in terms of inspiration.

Going off your reactions – I made the right choice. The season and the final episode in particular really seemed to p*ss you guys off. I know a lot of people were wondering how a roomful of writers could have signed off on this thing, but now it appears as though Showtime didn’t offer them much of a chance to craft a satisfying end.

Per Vulture, the network insisted Dex stay alive despite multiple proposed endings that had him dying. Producer John Goldwyn told the site, “They won’t let us kill him. Showtime was very clear about that. When we told them the arc for the last season, they just said, ‘Just to be clear, he’s going to live.’ There were a lot of endings discussed because it was a very interesting problem to solve, to bring it to a close.



  • ThunderDragoon

    Do they plan on making a movie or what? That’s the only reason I can see them wanting him to live.

    • Kevin

      LOL… explain something to me… WTH would they NOT want him to have lived?

      Some people have a pretty limited mental capacity I guess. His self discovery was amazing to watch. He did a ton of good for a lot of people and its a shame the serial killers of the world don’t have the breadth of morality he did. WTB series reboot with him guest starring atleast!

  • Rabester72

    Of course they didn’t want to kill him off. It’s all about dollar signs. Why would they kill off a potential movie franchise that can make millions like The X Files movies did.

  • Nasher

    It doesn’t excuse the awful “and then…” writing of the last 3 seasons where nothing made sense and subplots would start and go nowhere at all. They obviously killed Deb as a weak replacement and hoping it would be emotional.

    I called Dexter living with an intact legacy (i.e. not being caught for his crimes nor even being suspected of them for the sake of his friends and family, baring in mind his friends are cops) when they announced the end a few years back.

    It takes real integrity to end a series with a final and definite note. Networks don’t let their characters die in the hopes of a continuation.. yet they ruin the series so you will normally get a total reboot instead, if anything at all.

    Can you imagine a season focused on Deb dealing with Dex’s secret, while under pressure from her bosses murder as her co-workers close in on her. As things build Dex is forced to return to murdering ways and Deb close to giving him up. Then a storm washes up the stuff from his new dumping ground and the first seasons story comes full circle with the return of the Butcher.

    A new team (not just one guy) comes in to investigate why the Miami Metro botched the first investigation. Deb finally finds out just how bad Dex really is and connects him to one of his innocent victims (he’s killed innocents by mistake after all and the fall out of his reveal would blow the department to shreds).

    My final scene would be of Angel and Deb cornering and executing an repentant and even encouraging Dex. End montage of newspapers detailing the shock of the reveal, demands of the victims families for recompense and then more sinisterly to stories of praise for his work and finally hints that bad people have started to disappear again.

  • joesey

    I was hoping for a Deb spin off but since they killed her off, I wouldn’t mind seeing Dexter continue killing across the country. It was far-fetched seeing him kill mainly in Miami. I hope they bring him back in a couple of years.

  • Jasonicus

    The direction they went was the safe one. After the end of Season 7 I fully expected Dexter to finally be caught and somehow atone for his crimes. But, instead we got a half-hearted love story. They had a huge opportunity to end it right and failed. It was just a mess and really boring, too.

  • Ayeegit

    Wow – how about a freaking SPOILER warning? I’ve avoided any Dexter articles for fear of having anything ruined, but when I can’t even browse your site and look at the titles of the articles without having something spoiled, that’s pretty damn lame.

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