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Several Kids Battle the Undead In ‘Heart Land’

In pre-production from 6 Sales for next month’s AFM is Heart Land, which will be directed by Matthew Collins. We’ve updated the piece with a poster to go alongside the trailer.

Alone and terrified, surrounded by zombies, seven kids must battle to survive the end of the world.

Starring Doinal Sutherland, “Jonah, a sweet-faced boy of 11, must band together with the other children in his rural mid-Western town to survive a nightmarish zombie apocalypse. When his group of kids, led by 15-year-old Wendy, comes across another gang led my the malicious boy-soldier Pete, Jonah must be the one to decide who to trust, who to save, and who to kill…



  • Golic

    ugh, when will this zombie fad end??

    • kooluhl1

      I 100% agree. This got old about three years ago.

  • drmodem

    When ‘The Walking Dead’ ends. Same font and everything.


    Everything is cyclical. I pray that in the next 3 years people will be aksing, “When will this Giant Monster, Kaiju movie fad end?”
    I look forward to when people stop trying to cash in on Zombies and people with passion start making REAL zombie movies again, like an authentic WWZ movie sans Brad Sh*t.

  • Tiago-Toy

    Is like if zombie movies could muddle someone’s life. Don’t like? Don’t watch! There’s so many options around that you, who don’t like this kind of story, can change and pass through your entire life without seein’ any of them.

    As a zombie fan and zombie writer (Wanna know my book Dead Land: Escape? It’s here: ), I must say there are so many shit out there, but simultaneously there some jewels too. “Dead Set”, “World War Z”, “The Dead”, “Exit Humanity”, “Rambock”, “Dawn of the Dead”, “28 Days/Weeks Later”… Pick one. Or chose another genre.

    I’m anxious to see what Heart Land will bring.

  • Golic

    so it’s ok for horror fans to bitch and bitch and bitch about remakes, saying “Hollywood has run out of ideas, yada yada yada” But how dare I say something about endless, unoriginal, nearly identical parade of zombie flicks that come out every year. Excuse the pun; but Zombies have been done to DEATH.

  • oneofthosedeadfckers

    If you’re going to do a zombie movie at least put some effort into the zombie makeup ffs.

    • Golic

      yeah, or do something NEW with the concept.

      • djblack1313

        Golic, while i agree with you that some of the zombie projects should do something new/different, the problem is when something new/different IS attempted (take the zombies/infected in the WORLD WAR Z movie, which i loved by the way!) many many in this community HATE it. the whole “ZOMBIES DON’T RUN!!” or “ZOMBIES DON’T DO THIS OR THAT” army comes out in full force.

        so there’s really no way to win in this type of situation. again, technically i’m with you in that i’m open to new interpretations of how zombies look and act. i

        • djblack1313

          oh i forgot, the video is nearly identical to WORST CASE SCENARIO’s promotional video with the little boy and girl (going to get some water from a well if i’m not mistaken). they look up and see Frankenstein’s army coming in the distance.

          so i hope this isn’t indicative of what they have in store for the movie if they are just going to copy other zombie movies.

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