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Michael Bay’s Dream Is To Direct A Horror Film…

When you become an A-list director, it’s a huge no-no to go backwards in your career. You don’t go off and make a $200M movie, and then shoot yourself in the foot and make a $20M genre film. That’s why it’s so rare to see one of the greats come back to the genre that started their career (say goodbye to James Wan!)

With that, director Michael Bay gets his horror kicks by producing low-budget horror through Platinum Dunes. In a new special feature over at THR, which breaks down to “20 Masters of Horror”, Bay reveals that it’s a fantasy of his to one day helm a horror film.

I have a great fantasy — that I will probably make a reality — of directing my own self-financed horror movie,” he says in this bit.

Say what you will about Platinum Dunes and Bay, but I’m a fan. Sure, not everything ends up being the best, but it comes with the best of intentions. I would totally see a horror film directed by Bay.

Now here’s the part where you jump down my throat and call me an idiot…



  • Frogger08

    I’d be open for a Michael Bay-directed horror. As long as it’s not typical Michael Bay, with the explosions and guns and military every five seconds and what-not. I’ll never forgive him for that Elm Street remake, though.

  • Self-financed??? Good lord, that’s a surefire guarantee he’ll have 100% creative control over the movie.

    Bay is constantly shit on for a good reason: he sucks. I didn’t have a big problem with Pain & Gain (mainly because of The Rock & Mark Wahlberg), I actually enjoy The Rock, and the first Transformers film wasn’t that bad, IMO. But Revenge Of The Fallen is one of the worst blockbusters I’ve ever seen in my life, Dark Of The Moon was somehow worse, and I’ll save my rant for Bad Boys II.

    Bay is all style and no substance. Sorry, but I have a hard time in seeing the “talent” (using that word very loosely) in a man, who constantly feels the need to blow shit up every five minutes in his movies with a barrage of clusterfuck action sequences, and porny close-up shots of his female leads (i.e. Megan Fox & Rosie Huntington-Whitley).

    And yeah, Platinum Dunes produced that heaping pile of shit Hitcher remake, so that’s something to think about.

  • RubenVeritas

    I’m just tired of remakes surrounding over WEED. TCM remake the went to mexico to buy weed, FT13 remake the went to camp to find weed. Like we get it people like weed we dont need it to be the story line of the movie.

  • divisionbell

    I would actually be curious to see what Bay would do with a horror film.

  • Golic

    Michael bay has this way of going over the top that could somehow work for a horror flick, I’ll reserve judgment.

  • Blood-Sicles

    Hell, he’s produced some badass horror movies, I’d be interested in seeing how he’d do directing one. Count me in

  • ten31

    I don’t know why people want to bag on Bay. He makes popcorn flicks that are big dumb fun. I would like to see what he could do with a horror flick.

  • Baphomitt

    I would gladly sit through a Bay directed film instead of another piece of redbox garbage.


    I like the TCM and F13 remakes but the ANOES remakes gets worse with each viewing. Honestly though if he wants to prove himself he needs to do something original

  • j.c

    Let him go for it. A director could make a ton of bad films before hitting his stride with one film. Look at Event Horizon for example. He may just come up with something fresh and scary that could surprise us all, and if it’s crap, throw it on the trash heap with the millions of others that already exist. One more or one less wont make a difference, but Im always willing to give someone a chance.

  • in my opinion when he has passion for a project he nails ot (bad boys and bad boys 2 are my absolute favorite action films, the rock was great, & pain and gain was interestingly different from the rest if the films I’ve seen this year). a scaled back straight up horror film from him (with his attention to the details especially when it comes to fx), it’d be visually pleasing to say the least.

  • ggium24

    Hi Michael, i’m Elizabeth, i really want to be the LEAD on your next Horror project, please call me!!!! XoXo

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