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[Halloween Treat] James Cameron’s ‘Aliens’ Imagined As A Sitcom Named “Hosts”

James Cameron’s Aliens is one of my favorite movies, ever, so seeing it adapted into a television sitcom makes my stomach churn. Thankfully, it’s all in good fun, and actually pretty hilarious.

In 1986 the movie Aliens was a box office smash, and the race was on to turn it into a television sitcom. Here is the never before seen pilot of the TV comedy ‘Hosts,’” says YouTuber ‘Dorks of Yore.’

This sketch was created in partnership with Escapist Magazine as a part of a comedy series pilot.



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  • macguffin54

    You know, this was an interesting idea, but it’s absolutely terrible– and yes, I realize it is meant to be terrible. There is nothing funny about this even by accident. Yes, 80s (and 90s, 00s and 10s) sitcoms can be terrible. Making one that is every bit as bad but Aliens-themed is just as bad. Also, is this British? There is something very British about this (maybe the poor quality of the film/video?)

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