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Developer Commentary Coming To ‘Gone Home’ In Free Update

The critically acclaimed narrative-driven exploration game Gone Home will soon be getting a free update that will add commentary tracks from developer The Fullbright Company.

The news comes from a recent interview where Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor told Rock, Paper, Shotgun “We’re working on a commentary mode right now, and we’re going to release that as free DLC.” Read on for more.

“If you have it on Steam, you’ll just get it. We don’t have a date for it yet, but it’ll be relatively soon. We’re aiming for the short-term, and we’ve already recorded most of it.” Gaynor told RPS.

It sounds like the commentary tracks will be implemented similarly to how Valve does it in many of their titles. You’ll find and interact with icons that will be scattered about the house to hear commentary from several of the game’s developers.

“I got to get her on the tape talking about her experiences at the beginning of the riot grrrl scene,” Gaynor said. “So you’ve got the four of us talking day-to-day, but you also have people who contributed their own presence and identity through their voice or music. That’s really exciting to me.”

If you haven’t played Gone Home, you should really get on that. I hear it’s pretty great.

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