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[Free Download] Awesome One-Man Medley Of Several Tracks From The Binding Of Isaac

While I haven’t played The Binding Of Isaac myself, Edmund McMillen’s weird, horror-heavy tale of matricide is easily one of my favorite YouTube video binges (thanks to Northernlion and Bisnap). The simple yet grotesque art and incredibly addictive, random gameplay seems like it’s just too much fun. And one of the bonuses to the game is that the game has some really catchy music, courtesy of composer Danny Baranowsky.

Coming to that, YouTube user FamilyJules7x has put together a pretty awesome video where he plays through many of the game’s tracks, performing all the instruments himself. It’s very cool AND it comes with a free download, so head on down to check it out and snag your copy!

0:00 Those Responsible
0:12 The Binding of Isaac
1:01 Sacrificial
1:53 Penance
2:48 Repentant
3:58 Atonement
5:03 Dreadful
5:27 Latter Days
5:51 My Innermost Apocalypse
7:14 Those Responsible (Reprise)

Snag your free download of the track here.

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