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5 Horribly Wrong Halloween Costumes!!!

At Bloody-Disgusting we celebrate all aspects of Halloween. I’ve been writing about candies, Human-Centipede outfits, even dog costumes. And I have no plans on stopping, we dig that sh*t around here. And, while it’s tempting to go off on a tangent about how we don’t want to cover people who go to far… that would be a lie. This is the kind of stuff that keeps Halloween interesting!

I don’t mean to shame these people either, sometimes there’s nothing wrong with “wrong.” Perhaps they’re all geniuses with an eye towards shaking up the status quo? Maybe “Udder Lady” is a master culture jammer! There’s a chance “toilet lap man” is challenging our preconceived notions about what beauty truly is! Or maybe not.

Either way, it’s not boring. Head below for 5 Horribly Wrong Halloween Costumes!!!


Extra points to this kid for having the exact right look on his face! The design of the costume is pretty ambitious as well. Solid parenting at work!


This gives us a peek into the psyche of a woman (or perhaps an entire frightening subculture) that is probably gentle and innocent in spirit… until you cross them. I wouldn’t want to anger someone with this kind of determination.


This position might look easy, but I imagine it’s fairly hard to maintain throughout the evening.


While it’s pretty f*cked up to highlight an artistic rendering of your unborn child’s skeletal structure, there’s a chance we could write the whole thing off as a misguidedly sweet “mother with child” effort…


… though we can’t say the same about this one. There’s no mistaking the intent here. Still, “A” for effort!



  • Mr.Mirage

    The Human Cow is creepy beyond words, and just … fucked up.

    • Tiffany H

      Seriously fucked up!

  • djblack1313

    the X-ray one with the X-ray’d baby girl is actually very cool. the baby hand reaching out one shocked me a tiny bit (i guess the costume did it’s job!). i immediately thought of the movie INSIDE. the “cowgirl” one is very well done but very creepy as well! lol. and that baby is SO CUTE! the look on his(?) face indeed helps sell that outfit.

    and yeah, toilet seat outfit i actually give an A+ for creativity but i could see that outfit being used for….how do i say this….purposes OTHER than a Halloween costume. lol.

  • Bouncy X

    the baby is so cute!

    and the udder lady, well least there’s something to grab onto for any position! 😛

  • HostelTakeover

    I would do something like the chestburster one for my future child.

  • SlothyPunk

    I’m pretty sure that udder lady one is from some weird porn site. Not a Halloween costume :/

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