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First Look At Grindhouse-Inspired ‘Hitchhiker Massacre’



Director James L. Bills (Refuge of Last Resort) has just completed production on the ‘80s grindhouse horror title Hitchhiker Massacre, centers around a maniacal madman who not only sells the body parts of his victims but also cooks up the remains and serves them to the public.

Hitchhiker Massacre was produced by Jason Horton (Monsters in the Woods, Edges of Darkness) and stars Playboy Playmate Veronica LaVery, Spanish songstress Stephanie Gerard, Calista Carradine (David Carradine’s daughter), Ely LaMay, John Blyth Barrymore (grandson of John Barrymore), and Rocky Christopher.

The film brings sexy hitchhikers off deserted roadways and into back alley kitchens.

All these hitchhikers want to do is have a good time. They want to party and have fun! But a madman is stalking the dusty backroads of Northern California, and he has an eye for gorgeous women. His intent is both a cold-blooded and a culinary one: He has orders to fill, and hitchhikers are on the top of the menu.


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