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‘Book Of Memories’ Developer Reveals Cancelled ‘Silent Hill’ Concept!

Wayforward, the studio that brought us the experimental Vita-exclusive Silent Hill: Book of Memories recently revealed the concept for a more traditional take on the series during a Twitch livestream that, unfortunately, didn’t make it further than a prototype.

The fully playable tech demo, which was designed for the Nintendo DS, featured James Sunderland from Silent Hill 2 trapped in a room. It’s a little rough — the demo was built in just a few weeks — and it’s limited to a single room, but visually, it actually looks pretty impressive. Read on for the video.

Demo footage begins at around the 8:30 mark.

Watch live video from WayForwardTV on TwitchTV

The idea of switching between the classic over-the-shoulder view and a first person perspective by using the bottom screen and stylus to look around and interact with the environment sounds pretty neat. However, Wayforward realized that would double the work load — by fully modeling and texturing every environment — for a feature players would only use part of the time. Bummer.

We probably won’t ever see one, but I love the idea of a Silent Hill for the DS — how about you?

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