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Prepare For The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere With ‘Grave Denial’

This one is for our 21+ readers (well, in the US at least)! If you’re getting all amped up for tomorrow’s premiere of The Walking Dead Season 4, then I suggest you take it one step further and knock yourself into a near comatose state with Grave Denial, a drink that is based on show! Featuring absurd amounts of alcohol, this drink is 100% guaranteed to 1) put hair on your chest (hello ladies) and 2) get you unbelievably drunk. Head on down to see YouTube drink master Tipsy Bartender and the lovely Sophia put this monstrosity together!

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    the main question I have, How does it actually taste?

    • JonathanBarkan

      I’m too scared to try it. Mainly because of the Red Bull. I haven’t had any kind of soda/pop in almost 5 years. The caffeine would destroy me.

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