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[NYCC ’13] Robert Kirkman Announces New Exorcism Series ‘Outcast’

Announced today at the Skybound panel, Robert Kirkman has announced a new horror series on the way called “Outcast”. This was teased earlier in the week, but now we have a few more details. Kirkman says that “Outcast” will be to exorcisms what “The Walking Dead” was to zombies. This is a bold statement given how much has been done with possession films in recent years (The Last Exorcism, The Possession, Requiem, and The Exorcism of Emily Rose to name a few), but lord knows the genre is in desperate need of rejuvenation. I hope Kirkman lives up to his claims. Paul Azaceta will be on art.

Kirkman says, “It’s a big, epic story that involves exorcism and demonic possession, and we’re trying to shine a new light on that genre of horror-fiction.”



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