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[NYCC ’13] George Romero’s ‘Empire of the Dead’ Will Include Vampires

Marvel’s “Cup O’ Joe” panel, lead by chief creative officer Joe Quesada’s, took place this afternoon at New York Comic Con. One of the big books discussed was, of course, George Romero’s upcoming “Empire of the Dead”, which is the latest instalment in his zombie universe. Apparently the series includes both zombies and vampires. This is something we did not expect, and I’m currently not sure how I feel about it. Do vampires belong in the “Dead” universe? Time will tell.

“George only was interested because he felt he had something new to say,” Axel Alonso said, and then brought Romero to the stage.

After the cheers died down, Romero explained, “It’s a zombie story, of course, but there are other characters in it that are living dead but they are not zombies…[there are] two kinds of living dead, zombies and vampires, trying to survive.”

Romero continued, “It made sense when I thought about the initial story, it needed to be in a real metropolis that could survive by itself with its own government.”

“There are the haves and the have notes and the zombies have nothing,” Romero said, saying that there is a “big human component” in the zombie/vampire story.

The first issue kicks off in January 2014.



  • DreamWave

    Vampires?….Terrible idea. You sold out George, they better not sparkle!


    Well, Brooks did it first, and correctly. If George can enhance the idea I look forward to it.

  • AllNightmareLong

    Sounds like the novel version of I am Legend, who’s original movie was The Last Man on Earth, was the influence for Night of the Living Dead. Doesn’t sound too original of an idea, but I have so many zombie movies on DVD & Blueray so I’ll probably get this one too 🙁

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