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[NYCC ’13] Take A Look At ‘The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead’ Gallery

Just in time for season premiere of Robert Kirkman’s most celebrated comic book series, Hyundai presents “The Walking Dead: A Decade of Dead” at NYCC. The display showcases loads of original artwork plus some behind the scenes stuff from the TV series. For those of you who couldn’t make it to the con this year, here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure, courtesy of our man on the scene, Jorge Solis.

“The soiree from Hyundai and Skybound was held in a gallery space that showcases famed illustrations from the comic curated by former editorial director Sina Grace, memorabilia including foreign first editions, action figures, lunch boxes, and artifacts from the eponymous television series such as scripts with hand written notes from Kirkman and props.”

Photos by Jorge Solis



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