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[TV] Next On “The Walking Dead”: Episode 4.02, “Infected,” Images, Promo and More!

Fans can rejoice as AMC’s “The Walking Dead” has returned for its fourth season.

The premiere just ended, so we’re curious as to what you guys thought. Would you say Season 4 kicked off with a bang? What do you want to see going forward?

Getting you pumped for next week’s Episode 4.02, “Infected,” we have new images, a promo, a sneak peak and even a handful of behind-the-scenes goodies from tonight’s debut.

Airing October 20, “The group faces a new enemy; Rick and the others fight to protect their hard-won livelihood.“.



  • grayghost

    I thought the walkers falling out of the ceilingscene was one of the most frightening and original scenes Ive seen in any zombie movie…and I liked the crazy woman story line because it made you feel like at any moment something was going to go bad for Rick.

    • HorrorFancy

      Agreed — I do enjoy the many original ways they introduce walkers in this show.

  • haruspex

    I thought tonight’s show was great. I thought that crazy bitch was one of Rick’s illusions for awhile.

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