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[Halloween Treat] New Commercial For Die Hard Battery Features Zombie Horde

If you’re not using zombies to advertise your product, you’re doing it wrong.

The zombie sub genre is so over-saturated that even my parents stop dead in their tracks to watch a commercial if there’s a single rotting corpse on the screen. “I love this commercial,” they exclaim.

That’s why more and more ad agencies are turning to zombies to sell products, which is pretty cool considering i grew up with my parents alarmed by my obsession. Now they’re obsessed, but that’s not cool, right?

Anyways, here’s an incredibly well-made new commercial for Die Hard batteries featuring a horde of zombies running amok in the armpit of Los Angeles, and a woman’s attempt to escape them…



  • djblack1313

    that’s actually a great commercial! i normally HATE and won’t watch ads but this one was cool!

  • godless

    Holy shit, now that’s how commercials are supposed to grab your attention. Very well made, I wonder if they’re going to limited that commercial to late night plays only…


    well done!

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