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Twiztid’s Jamie Madrox Reviews ‘Baltimore: The Plague Ships’

Jamie Madrox is back again with another Dark Horse Comics review. This time, he takes on Mike Mignola and Christopher Golden’s “Baltimore: The Plague Ships”.

From Jamie:

After careful consideration and a few impromptu conversations with some of the local comic shops I ventured into, I chose “Baltimore – The Plague Ships” by Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden with art by Ben Stenbeck and colors by Dave Stewart as my fourth comic title to read and review from Dark Horse Books.

The main story is about a character named Lord Baltimore and his quest for a particular vampire called Haigus who has a horrible scar and a missing right eye.

During a war in France, Baltimore and his troops were defeated and left for dead. As they lie there, most dead and the rest quickly dieing, giant vampire bats flew down out of the sky to feed off the still warm blood of the fallen. Baltimore, still alive, grabbed a bayonet blade and slashed the face of the bat that was trying to feed off him, kicking off what becomes a war between him and and the vampire know as Haigus.

Joined by a witch’s granddaughter, Vanessa, Baltimore and her jump aboard a ship and set sail to find Haigus but soon become faced with an all new type of infected evil in the form of fungus zombies.

This book has it all, a main character / hero with a wooden leg that kicks ass, vampires, infection, fungus zombies, a plague and monstrous villains.

Mike Mignola & Christopher Golden deliver on the story aspect making the reader’s crave for more with the turn of every page and the dark timely mood is perfectly established courtesy of Ben Stenbeck and Dave Stewart.

jAMIE Madrox

Pick up Freaks of the Heartland from ‘Baltimore: The Plague Ships’ here.



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