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[Halloween Treat] Presenting The Most Realistic Horror Movie Trailer Ever!

How many times have we as horror fans watched something happen on screen only to groan, shake our heads, and question what precisely the hell was the writer thinking when he wrote this scene? Well, we’re not alone (I mean, the vast amount of horror spoof films kinda screams that). YouTube user PixelsPerSecond put together a faux trailer for Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film, which pokes fun at a great many situations that are considered horror tropes.

It’s definitely worth a chuckle or two, so head on down and check it out.

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  • DarrelDreadful

    LMAO! Hilarious. I would love if this was made into a short film.

  • HostelTakeover

    Omg I think I peed a little. lol

  • ThunderDragoon

    XD That was great. Loved it.

  • bluegrasslass

    I actually laughed out loud a few times. Brilliant stuff! Mr Barkan is to be congratulated 😀

    • JonathanBarkan

      Why, thank you!


    Brilliant! I want more!

  • KorovaMilkbar

    am i the only one that wanted to go to the abandoned mental asylum with a Ouija board? 🙂

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