[AFM ’13] Three Pieces of Art For Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ Adaptation!

  • djblack1313

    YES!!! i’m so excited for this! i loved the book. i wonder though how they will show the floating infected. i can’t believe this is actually coming to fruition after years and years of starts and stops! and PLEASE MAKE THIS THE PROPER R RATED VIOLENT MOVIE THAT THE BOOK WAS.

    • sicko911

      I agree this book was amazing, riveting from the start and I hope they make it rated R so they can show all the brutality the book depicted. I wonder who will they cast for the Yale student.

  • saus6186

    Bloody-Disgusting, while my favorite site, seems to have problems differentiating between the formats of stories, novels, and novellas.

    Back when reporting on Under the Dome, they referred to Stephen King’s 1,000+ page novel as a novella and now they’re referring to his 400 page novel as a story?! what gives?