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Korn Releases Eerie Video For “Love And Meth”

Courtesy of Rolling Stone, nu metal band Korn have released an official video for “Love And Meth”, which comes from their newly released album The Paradigm Shift. The video shows the band performing as though they were marionette puppets as the puppetmaster slowly crumbles apart due to, you guessed it, overuse of meth. There are some eerie images and it does have a bit of inspiration from Darren Aronofsky’s Requiem For A Dream. Check it out below.

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    dammit! its already down… the new album is ok but this one is the only real standout track

    • JonathanBarkan

      The video should be back up by tomorrow. But yeah, that’s really frustrating.

  • violentdope

    I agree with you dude…ive been a korn fan since the first album dropped and this has to be their most boring record.hell even untitled has better songs on it and 3 and dubstep korn.this is the best track on the album.I dont understand what all the praise is on this release,probably because head is back.I think the production and head being back gives it a better sound than previous said albums but jons lyrics just arent up to par on this one.


      It’s all nostalgia, man. I was actually at the Carolina Rebellion where Head took stage with them again and everyone went nuts. It was a feeling that all would be ok with Korn again. I thought this new record would be their best one yet… then the single was released… then I just told myself “Ok, they have to release something radio-friendly for the label but the rest will be solid”… I was surprised nonetheless. I actually cancelled my pre-ordered at Newbury with the signed booklet (which I do regret now) but the album is just mediocre at best

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