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Even If You Don’t Like Ke$ha You Should Listen To This

Okay, so I’m not a Ke$ha fan by any stretch of the imagination but this really impressed me. I only just heard that she released a stripped down acoustic album called Deconstructed, which features four stripped down versions of her own songs and one cover of Dolly Parton‘s “Old Flames Can’t Hold A Candle To You” (which was co-written by Ke$ha’s mother, Pebe Sebert). What stood out to me was her version of “Blow”, that really irritating club song that didn’t go away for what seemed like forever. The acoustic version is haunting and really rather beautiful. It’s not completely without auto tune but it’s FAR less noticeable.

When I hear it, it almost sounds like Ke$ha is some sort of waif girl, some lost soul that lives on the streets, completely ignored by those around her except when they shove her out of their way. She yearns for a chance to enjoy the things in life that other girls her age are enjoying, like going to a club and just dancing without a care in the world.

If Ke$ha were to release more music like this, believe me when I say I’d be first in line to buy an album. Head down and give it a listen.

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