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[Exclusive] We’ve Got The First Look At Five AMAZING Limited Edition Goblin Posters!

Bloody-Disgusting has teamed up with Death Waltz Recording Company to bring you an exclusive first look at five truly fantastic posters from the Beyond Fest, which is currently taking place in Los Angeles. Below you’ll get to check out a gig poster designed by Will Sweeney, one designed by La Boca, and three movie posters designed by Jay Shaw. The posters are in anticipation of the three sold out Beyond Fest shows where the band will be performing their music live alongside three classic Dario Argento films: Suspiria (October 21st), Profondo Rosso (October 22nd), and Tenebrae (October 23rd). These shows will be capped with screenings of Neo Giallo Yellow and DJ sets from Death Waltz.

We can also exclusively tell you that Beyond Fest will be bringing Jay Shaw out to Beyond Fest to sign and sketch on prints in person at the Egyptian Theater for all three nights!

These prints beautifully capture the atmosphere of the event as well as the aesthetics of the era that they promote. Oh, and did I mention that you have a chance to win a set of these posters? Yeah, I thought that might spark your interest! Head on down for the full gallery and details on how to enter the contest!

Jay Shaw posters:
Regular screen print edition of 125
Glow in the dark variants edition of 50

La Boca:
Screen print edition of 100
Will Sweeney:
Screen print edition of 100

Contest Details
Grand Prize

x1 set of limited edition posters


1) Contest open to United States residents only
2) No purchase necessary
3) Contest open until 11:59pm PST October 31st, 2013

How To Enter

Comment on this article with your favorite Goblin soundtrack and you’re entered to win! The winner will be messaged via private PM and will be asked to provide their full name and shipping address.

Got any thoughts/questions/concerns for Jonathan Barkan? Shoot him a message on Twitter or on Bloody-Disgusting!



  • Exiled225

    Profondo Rosso!

  • Devin


  • sharkdiver88

    Suspiria, thats the soundtrack that made me a Goblin fan!

  • puck247

    I hope I can go to this. Definitely Profundo Rosso !!!

  • synthxndrharris

    Zombi/Dawn of the Dead

  • Shane



    Zombi – Dawn Of The Dead. A fantastic soundtrack that is both spine tingling and outright hilarious.Genius!

  • Tellers


  • doctorcottard

    Profondo Rosso! Contamination is great as well.

  • tomhouy

    Tough call, but I would have to go with Suspiria.

  • Bob


  • brrritters


  • ElijahKilgannon

    I have to go with Profondo Rosso.

  • blackbook

    Zombi!! So varied and complex. Great soundtrack.

  • badbutch

    Suspiria. Your first time is always your best 😉

  • erotikill


  • Tarman-Lives

    Phenomena! Those keys and that operatic singing ftw!!!


  • meltingboy

    I wanted to go to the Goblin show sooo bad, but my wedding anniversary is on Halloween. Suspiria has the best score from Goblin. I play it every Halloween!

  • planetgore

    “Suspiria”. Hands down. “Suspiria” never leaves my Ipod and I’d have to say was the first score that I’ve listened to that really helped me to absorb and appreciate the methodology of movie scores. “Celesta and Bells” was also the first piece that I learned on piano because of its haunting nature I was drawn to it. While simplistic this piece is so complex. Don’t get me wrong I am a huge fan of Goblin and listen to their works often but “Suspiria” really did it for me. I can picture my wife rolling her eyes every time she hears “Celesta and Bells” followed by a snarky reply of “Really?! Again?!”

  • LiamZH

    Goblin were just in Vancouver last night and I had tickets to them AND Oh Land (Danish singer – fucken beautiful) – was thinking of going to both…but as my bus was going past the venue Oh Land was playing, I thought I’d pop in and see if she was on stage yet….she was….I stayed. I really did want to see Goblin, trust me – but a beauty like Oh Land was hard to walk out from. Ended up meeting her and her manager after.
    So yeah, I missed out on the opportunity to see Goblin 🙁

  • ghostfires

    LOVE the Dawn Of The Dead (Zombi) soundtrack by far…it has been a favorite of mine since childhood!

  • Beardo

    ZOMBI! it’s crrepier than the movie, it’s almost as if the movie is trying to live up to the soundtracks…AWESOMENESS

  • David-Lo-Pan

    The music from Suspiria is so, hypnotic and freaky it gave me nightmares as a child. The movie still get creeps me out every time I hear the score.

  • Tpalace

    If I had to pick just one, I would go with Tenebrae.

  • CannibalCop

    I have to say the soundtrack to “suspiria” is my favorite soundtrack. It so eerie and creepy!!!

  • Michael Giatrakos

    Suspiria. Hands down. Perfect compliment to the movie

  • SilentGiant

    Suspiria! “WITCHES!”

  • bobmontagne

    would i be a dick if i said buio omega? i guess i’ll go with profondo rosso.

  • DreamWave

    Suspiria! Favorite fucking horror movie of all time. It was like a living nightmare caught on film and that score? Unbelievable!
    This movie truly is one of a kind, Argento’s follow up sequel Inferno on the other hand was a complete disgrace! 😛

  • tlynn

    Dawn of the Dead

  • marcdamien

    Profondo Rosso!

  • chipotlazer

    Suspiria fa sho.

  • CosmicAvenger

    So hard to choose! But probably Profondo Rosso. Patrick is pretty great too…

  • Rodney Ritchey

    Zombi (Dawn of theDead)

  • Eagle

    Profondo Rosso, hands down. One of the top 5 of all time, but everything they did was pretty aces.

  • J-SiN


  • jackstrap

    They all are special.I’m going to go with Suspiria.The first time I heard Goblin. Really brings back memories.

  • TheDig

    Profondo Rosso imo is by far the best. Also one of the best prog records of all time.

  • death-nerve


  • polock91

    My favorite Goblin soundtrack would have to be for Suspiria. Outside of the theme, the track “Blind Concert” is one of my favorite pieces of instrumental music, EVER.

  • While Suspiria is the go to classic, I’ll always have a soft spot for the score to Patrick.

  • killercunt

    I’m going to have to go with Suspiria. Everything about that movie is flawless.

  • zombiephage

    Suspiria! Profondo Rosso is a close second, though.

  • Keola

    Zombi/Dawn Of The Dead and Suspiria

  • jung

    I’m partial to Claudio Simonetti’s Phenomena theme, but the Profondo Rosso score as a whole is probably my favorite Goblin soundtrack.

  • erikadudes

    Tenebrae—I do my best drawing to that soundtrack.

  • MarkRamirez


  • Larry DeVincentz


  • andyetstillmore

    It’s Patrick. I love songs about movies about spitting.

  • Cellar_Dweller

    Profondo Rosso

  • trAsh211

    Profondo Rosso ……….Cheers
    Hope I win (fingers crossed)

  • tannerj

    A tie between Suspira and Profondo Rosso! If I have to pick one though, it would be Suspiria…

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