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Exclusive Trailer Premiere For ‘The Black Water Vampire’!

Fear the darkness…

Bloody Disgusting has your exclusive first look at the trailer and art for RLJ/Image Entertainment’s The Black Water Vampire, on VOD and DVD on January 21, 2014.

A group of young documentary filmmakers set off to uncover the true story behind the Black Water murders, a series of brutal killings where women were found dumped in the woods, savagely slain, with their mutilated bodies completely drained of blood. In an attempt to exonerate the man accused of the crimes, they journey into the wilderness where the deaths occurred and find themselves face to face with a form of evil they could have never imagined. What began as a mission to save a wrongly convicted man turns into a battle for their own lives.

Evan Tramel directs with Bill Oberst Jr., Danielle Lozeau, Andrea Monier, Anthony Fanelli, and Robin Steffen starring.



  • SkullBunnie

    so…basically they remade the blair witch…except this time you get to see the “witch” briefly…think ill pass.

    • BabyJaneHudson

      I’m with you on that one.

  • pyrepunk

    The poster looks like the Creeper….I think that’s what it’s called from Jeepers Creepers…Anyone else? Kinda looks like that mixed with the Blair Witch, I might watch just to see how it goes.

    • mobstar67

      i posted before i got a chance to read your comment…Yes im sure Victor Salva is gonna have a problem with them using his Creeper creature while he’s still trying to get the third installment of Jeepers Creepers off the ground.. I know its been years since the 2nd installment but getting proper financing can be difficult when your a convicted pedophile no matter if you did the time and have done your penance. Most people will not forgive his type of crime.


    looks like one of the creatures from the Descent made it to a snowy area… i’m a sucker for found footage flicks. hope this turns out good but no great expectations at this point

  • Ozena

    @Skullbunnie hit it right on the head. But I do have to agree @DBZEROGRAVITY I love the first person/found footage style. All about the experience sometimes, although this experience mite be bad. I’ll keep my eyes out for it.

  • otruja

    Jesus Christ, i LOVE this POV movies, but…
    seriously? it’s 21’th century out there, and on the movie line they KNOW were they going and WHAT they looking for!
    Were’s the guns? Holy water? Anything?

    Give me my “Trollhunter” back please.

  • mobstar67

    Victor Salva is most definatly gonna file suit once he gets a look at this poster… Either the film makers didnt see any of the Jeeper Creepers films or they were naive enough to think nobody would notice…
    Oh as for the trailer..more found footage..SIGH !!!!

  • palmer65

    ok, ive watched the “special features which shows the cast/crew and the guy playing the vampire. so..their not saying its real footage. blair witch in 1999 was a original idea which has been used more than a truckstop toilet seat. the movie? i dont care for the lost footage idea..but the guy playing the vampire seemed like he enjoyed his self. i still give it 4 out 10. if they had made it a horror film like underworld etc….but due to cost and the lost footage..i think killed it. there is no acting when you use your real name and say thats who you are in real life..which they did in the features..worth a rental. but hey its horror. so get the popcorn and beer and just go with the snow..blood…flow…have a great nightmare.

  • palmer65

    even blair witch project 2 stirred away from the original…al these paranormal movies i think we’re at 45 …i can see the same thing on the now wasted syfy channel. give the sci-fi like it was in 1993-97

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