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A Chainsaw Beheads This Insanely Gory New ‘Macabre’ Clip!

The astounding Indonesian horror Macabre is finally upon us. You will meet the mother of all evil this November when the vicious and violent horror film arrives on home video after screening online for FREE!!

The movie that was too gory for theaters & VOD is making its way online for fans to enjoy for FREE! The Collective and are premiering Kimo Stamboel & Timo Tjahjanto’s blood-soaked feature Macabre on Friday, November 1st. Known as “The Mo Brothers”, the duo has been generating buzz in the world of horror with their upcoming movie Killers. In addition, their involvement with V/H/S/2’s “Safe Haven” segment has been making critics take notice and leaving their fans wanting to see their earlier work.

Macabre will premiere FREE on on November 1st as the latest installment of the “Bloody Disgusting Selects: Movie of the Month” series that launched earlier this summer.

We’ve started to distribute exclusive new looks at the film, with Dread Central debuting the below new clip that’s gushing with gore!.

Macabre follows a group of friends whose act of kindness in helping a total stranger leads to a horrific night of terror. Originally released overseas as Darah, the Indonesian-language film was considered too bloody and violent for U.S. theatrical release. “We wanted to give fans a chance to see the movie. And with Bloody-Disgusting’s base of hard core horror fans, it seemed like the right fit to get this movie in front of an online audience for free,” says Gary Binkow, Partner at The Collective.

The Mo Brothers are bringing a fresh new twist to the genre, and we’re excited to be able to bring their earlier work to you guys. If you’re a fan of Inside, consider this a warning: Macabre is literally drenched in gore!

For hardcore horror fans, The Collective is also releasing a Limited Edition DVD of Macabre which will include a 12-minute “Making-of” bonus feature along with several Deleted Scenes. Street date for the DVD is November 5th, and it will be sold exclusively online through Amazon (to add to “Wish List”: click here).

When a group of friends traveling through the countryside stops to help a young woman, they cannot imagine the nightmare this act of kindness will soon unleash. After accepting an invitation to dinner from Dara, the rescued woman’s mother, the night turns into a crimson-hell for the six friends. Trapped in an isolated home in the woods, the friends find themselves hunted down by Dara and her cult-like family of three deadly protégés—each born and raised to systematically eliminate unsuspecting passers-by for one nefarious reason.

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  • deggialcfr

    The november 1st movie screening will have worldwide access or only USA?

  • wildgator25

    I watched this movie a good while back. It is one of the best and goriest movies I have ever seen. I can’t wait to catch it again!

    • torsch

      that sounds really excellent 🙂

  • torsch

    i really hope is worldwide in copenhagen…

  • djblack1313

    is this basically HOSTEL?

    • wildgator25

      dj you haven’t seen this? It is sorta like House of 1000 Corpses to begin with, but goes way off the deep end about 20 minutes in. It also has a few homages to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and not in the fact that it includes a chainsaw (you know how a lot of movies try to compare to TTCM that way!).

      • djblack1313

        wildgator i haven’t seen it! is it worth watching overall?

        • wildgator25

          I can’t see any way that you would be disappointed with this movie. It is absolutely fantastic. The gore is gratuitous, but not for the sake of shock value. It is very tense. If I were to give ANY con, it may be that it is cliche in certain scenes. However, that in no way takes away from how great it is. I put this up there with another great movie I saw around the same time, Frontier(s).

  • wildgator25

    And, as Mr. D said above, the segment that the Mo Brothers did on V/H/S 2 was the absolute best. This movie is just as much on the rails horror/gore as that segment.

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