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‘Bear’ Gets Signed Limited Edition Release Exclusively on Amazon

Releasing exclusively on Amazon this week is the “Limited Freddy Wong Collector’s Edition” of the thriller Bear.

“Bear is a gripping a grizzly bear attack movie being released as a signed collector’s item by Epic Pictures Releasing.

Each copy is signed by internet sensation Freddie Wong.

Two couples, trapped in a mini-van, must use their wits and courage to fend off a vicious assault from a Grizzly Bear and survive. As they battle the cunning and intelligent creature, secrets between them begin to emerge. Will the shocking revelations tear them apart before the bear does?

The DVD features a bunch of special extras on it including Freddie’s signature, a detailed audio commentary by FreddieW as well as a special video he made for the film. 




    Is this any good? Cujo as a bear?

    • CTHL

      O’ god, it’s soooo awful…. its almost good. Was on Chillertv a week or so ago, fantastic MST3K/drinking game material. Lots of scenes of watching a live bear play with an empty car!

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