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[TV] Jessica Lange Will Do “One More Season” of “American Horror Story”…

Without Jessica Lange, FX’s “American Horror Story” falls apart. Lange, who has been the lead in all three seasons, has become the glue that makes each and every episode worth watching. In my opinion, it’s some of the best acting I have ever seen. While we have the ongoing third season to enjoy, it’s painful to hear that she’s tapping out after one more.

Lange is halfway into filming Season 3 of “American Horror Story,” known as “Coven,” and though she’s relishing in her character Fiona Goode’s sleek stilettos, there is an end in sight. “I’ll do one more season,” the actress says tells Buzzfeed of the FX franchise that’s added an Emmy and a Golden Globe to her collection, which already included two Oscars. Just a couple of weeks ago, “American Horror Story” co-creator Ryan Murphy said, “Every year, she says, ‘OK, that’s my last one.’” But after Season 4, Lange will say goodbye to the series for good. “That’ll be it,” she tells the site.

As for her fourth and final season of “American Horror Story,” Lange knows a sliver of what’s coming, but she’s well trained in the Ryan Murphy School of Lip-Zipping. “I’m very excited,” she says simply with a smile.

It’s a gut punch hearing this news, although, at least the show will end with a bang instead of a whimper. Any guesses as to the arc of the fourth season?



  • djblack1313

    Mr.D, it’s funny you say….

    “Lange knows a sliver of what’s coming, but she’s well trained in the Ryan Murphy School of Lip-Zipping”

    considering last season it was Murphy himself (along with Dylan McDermott) who kept tweeting/posting spoilers online. he & Dylan both basically spoiled who was playing Bloody face as well as some other spoilers.

    but back to point, i DO love Lange and i hope she’ll change her mind but this technically isn’t and doesn’t have to be “The Jessica Lange Show”. as long as Lily Rabe, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conroy, etc, returns they could totally make it work and make it awesome. it’s high time that Frances Conroy gets more of a lead role in one of these seasons.

  • I couldn’t picture Married With Children without Ed O’Neill, I couldn’t picture All In The Family without Caroll O’Connor, I couldn’t picture Sanford & Son without Red Foxx (take a look at the handful of episodes with Grady filling in for Fred…..unbearable), The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air without Will Smith, and I can’t picture American Horror Story without Jessica Lange.

    Yes, I firmly believe Jessica Lange is a CRUCIAL part of this show, it’s hard for me to picture an AHS season without her, and AHS is going to feel so weird, when she’s gone. Although, a Lange departure could give Sarah Paulson a chance to take center stage. I wasn’t the biggest fan of Asylum, but Paulson was GREAT in that season. She had more episodes to showcase her talent last season, because if I’m not mistaken, Paulson only had like two or three episodes in Murder House.

    Still, if Lange is stepping away for good after season 4, then Paulson is more than deserving of a chance to be the star of the show.

  • Adam Dodd

    That’s hugely disappointing news. This is almost as bad as a Bloody Disgusting without a Jonny B…

  • jack

    It is sad to hear the iconic Lange will be leaving AHS. But that by no means spells the end for perhaps one of TV’s most innovative shows. I mean with each new season, it reinvents itself and adds brilliant new cast members who are just as captivating as the original players. Angela and Kathy?! Who knows what killer actors Murphy has waiting in the wings for upcoming seasons.

    @djblack1313 I totally agree that Conroy deserves a leading role. She is sensational and such a little scene stealer. I’m literally gagging for her to reappear in Coven since her brief scene in episode 1. Love the outrageous Grace Coddington vibes of her character.

    But on the other hand, I also think perhaps Lange is making a smart move to jump ship after season 4. Murphy does kinda have a record for starting shows off strong before derailing them like he did with Nip/Tuck. And Glee. And Popular. But I have hope that this anthology format will suit Murphy’s storytelling style and have very long legs.

    And I’m a little unsure of the evolution of the tone of the show with each season. Compare S1 to Coven. Due to the strong female audience that Asylum had, Murphy has stated that Coven has been produced with the female audience in mind, so as to further expand that demographic. Coven is a huge amount of fun, I love it, I do, but I can’t deny I much prefer the darker, sombre tone of S1 over the giddy, tongue in cheek camp that we’ve seen in Coven thus far. Where’s the horror at?! I can’t help but worry that AHS will drive itself into the ground the same way that True Blood did when they started pandering to the female audience. I’m not against that at all; but there is a right way and wrong way to do as such. True Blood: case in point.

    As for season 4; Murphy mentioned a few weeks ago in the Hollywood Reporter that Lange has always wanted to play a Marlene Deitrich type character…. so maybe that means we’ll see season 4 set in 1940’s Hollywood? WW2? Or maybe Lange’s character in an aging-movie-star “Norma Desmond” role?

  • DarrelDreadful

    I love the show but it honestly is a good move for Jessica to bow out on a high note instead of waiting for things to get stale. Let someone else take the lead and keep the creativeness flowing. Sad, yes. The end, no. Lange is awesome but the show can still work without her. I have loved each season (so far) and the fact that we don’t get the same tone is something I honestly enjoy. And the cast this season is just simply the best yet, Angela being my favorite addition.

  • bdwolfe312

    Why are you assuming the series is going to end after she leaves? You say it will end on a high note with season 4…but where does he or anyone else say that the series ends with her departure? It seems like this story is loaded with assumptions that cannot be backed up.

  • Jack Torrance Pennywise

    I think this is Lange passing the torch to her co-stars on the show. Each season is self-contained with a different theme, so anyone entering or leaving the show can go on to other projects without disrupting a story arc. With Lange leaving and Kathy Bates joining in the third season, we’re seeing a resurgence in classic actors getting bigger roles in better things again. I hope Lange has a long and successful career while the show continues to showcase talent for newer audiences. It’s actually been great! ^_^

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