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[Halloween Treat] Brooklyn Halloween Display Too Violent For Locals…

Thanks to a tip by ‘Chris O.’ we’ve learned that a gruesome Halloween display in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn has drawn heated controversy, with some calling it a work of art and others saying it crosses a line, CBS reports.

As CBS 2’s Tamara Leitner reported Tuesday, some residents called the display “demonic,” while others called it “brilliant and creative.”

The porch of the Bergen Street brownstone with the display has been turned into what appears to be a torture chamber, they explain in the following video. A surgeon with a jack-o-lantern head operates on a bloody baby doll, hooked up to an IV.

Other dolls are impaled, decapitated and mutilated, with knives or nails in their heads or skewers impaling their bodies. Another looks plaintively out of a bird cage, and another still is chained to a chair.

One doll even has a smaller doll emerging from a bloody gash in its belly, reminiscent of the Alien movies.



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