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Walk Through the “[REC] Passage” Maze in Spain!!

Way back in 2008 Knott’s Haunt in California hosted a Quarantine maze, which was based on the film remake of Filmax’s [REC] franchise.

With the fourth film in production, [REC] has quite the following in Spain, so much so that they have their own Halloween maze!

Entitled “REC Passage”, the event is part of PortAventura in Europe. Explains the translation, you’ll experience 15 minutes of walking in darkness where characters make you feel the real fear in five different scenarios based on the Filmax series.

There are moments of real panic and awesome effects. “Laser Effects disorient you and large movie screens that will transport you to the most terrifying moments from [REC], [REC]2, and [REC]3. The monsters will chase you and will make the 15 minutes it takes this passage to be a nightmare from which you can not wake up.

PortAventura TV shared the following video of director Jaume Balaguero walking through the experience.




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