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Over 200 Garbage Pail Kids In One Place!

Originally published in 2012.

If you’re anything like me (and hopefully you’re not) you couldn’t get enough Garbage Pail Kids when you were growing up. I remember getting packages from my Mom at camp full of things like the new Skid Row album and Garbage Pail Kids. Either she wasn’t vetting the contents of these packages or she was just cool and confident that I would grow up without any issues (sorry to prove her wrong on the latter count).

One of the things I kept noticing in those days was how the “Pail” creators would often recycle images (aka make “twins”) for popular characters. You get a little bit of that from this image – but mainly it’s a cool trip down memory lane.

As a bonus I’ve included one of the grosses Garbage Pail Kids below the master image. Check it out below! And if the image still looks small when you enlarge it, it’s just the browser window. Drag it onto your desktop or a new window for the full 3000 wide experience.



  • Jian Rangel

    Am I the only one who remembers Grossville High?

    • Nate Lucius

      Nope…. I still have my set. Do you remember Toxic High?

  • mph23

    I really enjoyed looking at the big pic, but I am a little sad that some aren’t the english/american names I remember.

    It’s amazing how there’d be NO WAY you could market these to kids now, but in the 80’s…No problem. It sucks that we’re actually getting more conservative culturally in many ways. That’s the opposite of what should happen as time marches on.

  • Sean

    Many people don’t know that Art Spiegelman of Maus fame is the one who created Garbage Pail Kids!

  • Evan3

    I’d never seen “Juicy Jess” before. I gotta say, amazing work of not stopping with the grotesque pimples and having her ooze snot too (or is she oozing pus from pimples IN her nose).

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